McLeese Lake hosts winter barbecue

A mid-winter barbecue was recently held in McLeese Lake and it was a huge success.

McLeese Lake residents enjoy skating and ice fishing.

McLeese Lake residents enjoy skating and ice fishing.

A mid-winter barbecue was recently held in McLeese Lake and it was a huge success.

The day started at noon with a barbecue where delicious hamburgers and hot dogs were served along with hot coffee, hot chocolate and all the fixings.

More than 60 residents enjoyed the free barbecue and it was entertaining to see the different forms of transportation in which many of them arrived.

There were snow mobiles, ATVs, cars and trucks. The event was held on the lake just off Highway 97 in downtown McLeese Lake on the Swaan property.

Thanks to Ken Beck, Mark Ralph and Terry Baker an ice rink was plowed, holes were augured for ice fishing and fires were lit to keep warm and roast marshmallows.

Adults enjoyed catching up with old friends while keeping an eye on the children. By 4 p.m. everyone was tired and cold, but were all talking about what a great day they had just had and asking when the next barbecue would be held.

The barbecue was arranged by Howie Chamberlin who did a great job together with help from Jackie King, Terry Baker, Greg Foster and Gigi Gosselin.

They are all very grateful to the Cariboo Regional District and Deb Bischoff for their support.

This event would never have happened without them.

Chamberlin and his crew send their appreciation to Rob Swaan for the use of their property and a huge thank you to the community for making the day a success both by attending the event and by donating approximately two hundred pounds of food, a turkey and a $100. cash donation to the Salvation Army food bank.

They plan to host more barbecues in the future and ask residents to keep an eye on the local bulletin boards.


On another note, the McLeese Lake Recreation Society is asking people to keep an eye out for future notices regarding the community association’s annual general meeting to be held during the third week of March.

The association is looking for a new president, secretary-treasurer and directors to help keep the hall open and the annual events happening.

It only takes a few volunteers to help organize events.

The community needs support to “keep things happening” in McLeese Lake, so please mark your calendar to come out and support the society on March 16.

Let’s keep the hall open!