Friends and artists (from left) Gladys Wheatley

Friends and artists (from left) Gladys Wheatley

Lynch Mob takes over Station House

Inspired by displaying the artwork of others, the Station House Gallery’s hanging committee claims a space of their own in the main gallery.

Angie Mindus

Staff Writer

Inspired by displaying the artwork of others, the Station House Gallery’s hanging committee members have claimed a space of their very own in the main gallery this month.

With the cleaver title The Lynch Mob — Hanging Out, well-known local artists Lynda Sawyer, Kathryn Steen and Gladys Wheatley are October’s featured artists and hosted an opening Thursday evening to rave reviews.

“We’ve been inspired by seeing the work of other artists (featured at the gallery) and thought we should do something,” said Steen of the motivation behind the show.

“And we were also inspired by just going out together and sketching.”

In fact, for the past four years or more the women have set off on adventures into the countryside with sketch books in hand in search of artistic inspiration.

“We just let the wind blow us down the road,” said Wheatley.

That road led the artists to natural rural areas around Alkali Lake and Canoe Creek, which is reflected in all their work.

Wheatley describes Lynda Sawyer’s latest offering as “soft, just like her, and beautiful.”

Steen rightfully describes Wheatley’s artwork as “brave, vibrant and colourful.”

“It’s magic that happens when she paints,” Steen said.

Sawyer said there is a feeling of familiarity in Steen’s paintings, “because she has walked in all those grasslands and knows the feeling of being there.”

“I find her work spiritual, very haunting with the grasslands,” added Wheatley.

Above all else, the women said they were inspired by their friendship.

They enjoyed the support they found with each other and the freedom of being able to go out and explore their surroundings together.

“The thing is you never know what will inspire you,” said Steen.

“Who knows when it will hit you,” added Wheatley.

The Lynch Mob — Hanging Out will be on display throughout the month of October at the Station House Gallery in Williams Lake.