LONE BUTTE 4-H CLUB: 65th annual Williams Lake and District 4-H Show and Sale

The Lone Butte 4-H Club. (Photo submitted)The Lone Butte 4-H Club. (Photo submitted)
Loghan Archie.Loghan Archie.
Cody Drager.Cody Drager.
Kelly Meier.Kelly Meier.
Hannah Meier.Hannah Meier.
Kolby Robins.Kolby Robins.
Miranda Sanford.Miranda Sanford.
Luke McKean.Luke McKean.
Drucilla Archie.Drucilla Archie.
Janielle Dick.Janielle Dick.

The Lone Butte 4-H Club has been active in Lone Butte for over 45 years. We have nine members doing projects including Beef, Sheep, Swine, Gardening, Horse and Cloverbud for 2023. We always welcome new members to join our club and learn what 4-H has to offer.

For more information please contact Heidi Meier at 250-706-1476.

Drucilla Archie – Lot #75

My name is Drucilla Archie. I am lot number 75 and this year I have a market lamb named King Bob. He is a Suffolk/Dorset Cross. Bob was a small sheep at first but he has grown. He is easy to walk and he loves playing with our other sheep. Hope to see you all at the 4-H Show and Sale Aug. 3-7.

Loghan Archie – Lot #76

My name is Loghan Archie and my lot number is 76. This year I have a market steer named Honey Bear. I also have a Cow/Calf project. Honey Bear is a very calm, laid-back steer. Honey Bear is a small framed Charolais. I look forward to seeing everyone at Show and Sale Aug. 3-7

Janielle Dick – Lot #77

Hello, my name is Janielle Dick. I am lot number 77. This year I am raising a Suffolk/Dorset cross-market lamb. Stolos is growing well and on target for a great finish weight. I am really looking forward to our time at Show and Sale.

Cody Drager – Lot #78

Hi. My name is Cody and this is my pig Cloud. Cloud is a Landrace cross. This is my third year in 4-H and I’m a junior. I like 4-H because of the friends I made, I get to learn about animals and I get to become more comfortable with public speaking. 4-H is fun!

Luke McKean – Lot #79

Hi. My name is Luke. I am eight years old and this is my first year as a Cloverbud. I joined 4-H because my brother, who has been in it for a few years, has lots of fun, so I wanted to try it out.

Hannah Meier – Lot #80

My name is Hannah Meier and this is my twelfth and final year in 4-H. I have enjoyed all my years in 4-H learning valuable skills such as confidence, public speaking, organization and compassion. Come see us all at the district Show and Sale.

Kelly Meier – Lot #81

Hi, I’m Kelly Meier. This year I am doing a Market Swine, Ewe with Lamb and Horse Project. I am the treasurer for our club again this year. I enjoy the social time in 4-H and am looking forward to another successful Show and Sale. See you there.

Kolby Robins – Lot #82

Hi, my name is Kolby Robins. This is my first year as a member of the Lone Butte 4-H Club and my first time with the Market Lamb project. I’ve learned so much and I can’t wait to attend my first Show and Sale in Williams Lake.

Miranda Sanford – Lot #83

Hi, I’m Miranda Sanford and this is my third year in the Lone Butte 4-H Club. This year my project is gardening. I have planted amaranth and marigolds and I have petunias. I am looking forward to a very fun Show and Sale. I hope you can make it.

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