Local currency to be discussed as economic booster

Cody Slinn, will give a presentation Monday on the concept of creating a local currency for Williams Lake.

Cody Slinn, Potato House vice-president and Transition Town member, will give a presentation Monday  on the concept of creating a local currency for Williams Lake.

The presentation will take place Monday, March 26 from 5 to 6 p.m. in the Central Cariboo Arts and Culture centre next to city hall.

After the presentation he says there will be time to talk about how to turn the dialogue into reality.

“Your help, even if only limited to your opinions about the project or the needs of your business, would be greatly appreciated,” Slinn says in his invitation. “Afterwards, a working group will also be put together for the project, which you will also be welcome to join.”

The invitation is extended to anyone interested in the idea and in particular farmers, business owners, and tradespeople.

He says a local currency has huge potential to increase economic activity among the informal economy of home bakers, casual labourers, garden-work parties, craft makers, artists, etc.

He says local currencies are created with the intention of making small-scale local farming economically viable; increasing local economic activity; making or buying local more attractive than buying multi-national; creating local jobs; and facilitating the recreation of local jobs.

In order to be as effective as possible, he says a local currency must attract “essential” service/product businesses as its backbone (food, clothing, energy, trades, repairs); provide a means of making these services as, or more, attractive than their non-local counterparts; and be well enough promoted and understood to gain ever-increasing support and use from the community at large.

Slinn says local currency is not his project; he is simply carrying it until a group of supporters is found.

People with questions can contact Slinn by e-mail at codyslinn@hotmail.com.