Introducing the 2011 Stampede Queen contestants

Introducing the 2011 Stampede Queen contestants

Howdy Williams Lake, neighbouring communities and rodeo fans!

Bobi Daia Bracewell, Miss Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association:

Howdy Williams Lake, neighbouring communities and rodeo fans!

My dad has always told me that when I meet someone for the first time to give them a strong and firm handshake.

Although I may not be able to shake your hand personally I hope that when you read this it will feel as if I have.

My name in Bobi Daia Bracewell, Miss Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association.

I am a 20-year-old, country-living, horse-loving cowgirl.

I was born in Williams Lake and had the privilege of growing up in Tatlayoko Valley until I was 16, when I moved to Williams Lake to attend Williams Lake Secondary school through grades 11-12.

During high school I played for the WLSS Girls Stags Rugby team for two years. After I graduated in 2008 I rode with the Cariboo Cowgirls for a period of time.

In 2010, here at the Williams Lake Stampede, I am honoured to say I came in third overall through the four-day event of the Mountain Race.

I have always been a fan of stampedes, rodeos, gymkhanas … etc. if it involves a horse, count me in. I am always learning and absorbing as much information as I can to help me become a better trainer for my horses.

I train and own several of my own, and love to train for people. I the spring of 2009 I flew to Ontario for six weeks to train an amazing horse.

For the past 10 summers I have worked at my parents’ lodge, the Bracewell’s Alpine Wilderness Adventures, helping guests and doing guided tours throughout our beautiful terrain.

I enjoy volunteering for social gatherings such as weddings, dances, birthdays, and tournaments. Helping the community has given me a better understanding of responsibility and the camaraderie we share amongst each other.

Thank you to all the sponsors of the Williams Lake Stampede and a special thank you to my sponsor the CCCTA.  I especially want to thank all of my family for being such great role models and believing. This is the kind of support one needs to follow their dreams and reach for their goals, no matter how far the journey.


Alexia Colton, Miss Cariboo Spurs Apparel and Tack:

Hello rodeo fans! It’s time for the 85th annual Williams Lake Stampede.

My name is Alexia Colton, and I am Miss Cariboo Spurs Apparel and Tack.

I was born and raised in Williams Lake. I am now 17 years old and attending Williams Lake Secondary School as a Grade 11 student.

Throughout my high school years I have been part of the band program, and with that I have gotten the chance to travel to Victoria and to Cuba.

I hope to go on to post secondary education and become a veterinarian for horses.

Horses have always been a passion of mine and I have been riding since an early age.

My first horse was a mare named Fancy Dancer.

Now I have a six-year-old, Quarter Horse gelding named Tiny Chunka Cash, but I just call him Gator.

We have become inseparable. We barrel race, work cows, gymkhana, trail ride, and have participated in the Williams Lake Stampede Parade.

I also have a passion for poetry, photography, rodeo, and 4-H.

This year will be my seventh year in 4-H. I have won many awards in projects such as dog, horse, and beef.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my sponsor, Cariboo Spurs Apparel and Tack, my supportive family and friends, and all of the other sponsors for their wonderful support that they offer to this program.

Good luck to all of the rodeo contestants and also to my fellow queen candidates. I am very excited to be at the Williams Lake Stampede this year.

I hope to see everyone there sitting on the edge of their seats watching all of the exciting and thrilling rodeo action.


Davana Mahon, Miss Macon Construction:

Hello Williams Lake. My name is Davana Mahon, Miss Macon Construction Ltd.

I am fortunate to be born and raised in Williams Lake and this June,  I will be graduating from Williams Lake Secondary School.

I have been a member of the Rose Lake Miocene 4-H Club with this being my 10th year.

Over the years, I have participated in a variety of 4-H projects including horse, small engines and this year raising my fifth market steer.

I have also had the opportunity to hold several 4-H executive titles, and this is my second year as club president.

I also play rugby for the WLSS girls’ rugby team.

Once I finish high school this June, I plan to continue my education and I am considering business management and real-estate appraisal.

I am very excited to be running for the 2011 Stampede Queen because it has been a long-time personal goal.

Through the competition I look to gain confidence as well as to grow as an individual.

I find myself constantly learning new things through the program.

I also look forward to running alongside my fellow contestants in the journey ahead as the memories that have already been made and the new friendship continue to amaze me.

I  would like to take a moment and thank all the sponsors, including my personal sponsor, Macon Construction Ltd., and the Williams Lake Stampede Queen’s Committee for making this program what it is today.

Thanks also to my family and friends for all the support and motivation along the way.

It is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.