Inner Peace presentations on line for Valentine’s Day

Inner Peace Movement of Canada president Judy Guido will be giving presentations in Williams Lake on Feb. 14.

Judy Guido has been guided by her “still, small voice within,” for some 35 years now and will be sharing the strategies she has learned with Williams Lake residents on Feb. 14.

Guido is president of the Inner Peace Movement of Canada, an educational, non-profit society that  brings a message of hope and provides practical and simple tools to help people to help themselves.

“The thrust this year is to help people find inner security and satisfaction by recognizing their self worth,” Guido says. “We are helping people to understand that when they recognize their self-worth, they will find inner security and satisfaction.”

Guido is presenting talks in Williams Lake on Tuesday, Feb. 14 at The Coast Fraser Inn 285 Donald Rd, at 1 p.m.  and 7 p.m.  The talks are open to the public.

Guido says she will also remain in the community for the week if people want to work with her in workshops.

To contact the Inner Peace Movement of Canada call toll free 1-877-969-0095. Visit the web site at

The Inner Peace Movement of Canada was founded by Dr. Francisco Coll in 1964,  and has expanded to more than 40 countries, with active programs today in Canada, Europe, Australia, and the United States.

Guido describes the Inner Peace Movement of Canada as a school without walls which she discovered in her own search for meaning in life. “In 1971 I was searching for answers to life and what I found is that the program offers practical tools to finding answers for myself to become captain of my own ship and master of my own destiny.”

Although Oyama, B.C. is home, Guido says she has crisscrossed B.C., Alberta and Canada many times in the past 35 years presenting workshops and teaching others how to be leaders and organize themselves into study groups so they can continue the work in their own communities.

Guido has been an entrepreneur since her early 20s and has owned several retail and service businesses in B.C. and abroad. She enjoys community involvement and is a member of the local Rotary Club and Trails Development Team.

“In my travels I am constantly inspired by individuals who overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges and adversity in their lives while remaining positive and generous,” Guido says.

















She says people from all walks of life — homemakers to business people and students — come to the workshops “because we are all trying to find that positive light within ourselves.”

The common denominator in the teachings is helping people to recognize the positive qualities within themselves and the desire to be of service in a meaningful way with their loved ones, their colleagues and their community.

“We help people who want to expand their consciousness and learn to be more effective in their lives,” Guido says.