Hough Memorial at work for CMH

Hough Memorial at work for CMH

The Hough Memorial Cancer Society has reached its latest goal for replacing equipment at Cariboo Memorial Hospital.

The Hough Memorial Cancer Society has reached its latest goal for replacing equipment at Cariboo Memorial Hospital and is continuing with another goal.

Funds from the 2014 Parade of Choirs capped off the fundraising for the society to purchase a portable ultrasound machine for the hospital valued at $21,000 of which Hough Memorial contributed $14,000 thanks to support from the Parade of Choirs and other community donations, says society director Mary Jane Engstrom.

The 2014 concert was dedicated to the late Dick Poole, who was a longtime director and supporter of the Hough Memorial Cancer Society.

The 2015 Parade of Choirs, held March 1 at Cariboo Bethel Church raised $1,957, which is going toward the society’s new project to raise funds for a new colonoscope for the hospital.

The choirs Eclectica from 100 Mile House and Quintet Plus, Synergy and the Cariboo Men’s Choir from Williams Lake generously donated heir time for concert for which admission was by donation to Hough Memorial.

“Thank you to all the choirs and everyone who attended the concerts and supported the society,” Engstrom says.

The colonoscope carries a price tag of about $42,000, Engstrom says.

The Hough Memorial Cancer Society has been actively involved in purchasing and upgrading cancer detection equipment for the hospital since 1972.

The society has been involved in helping to purchase more than $3 million worth of equipment for the hospital which spares patients the time and expense of having to travel to other communities such as Kamloops for tests.

Purchases have included a *sigmoidoscope; *gastroscope; *laparscope; hysteroscope; *biopsy Forceps; xray and film processor; *ultrasound; chemical analyzer; **cytoscope ope; ****colonoscope;  *second ultrasound;  *second video gastroscope; *broncoscope; *collinator; laryngoscope; endoscopy unit with atttachment scopes; and endoscopy scope washer.

The stars indicate equipment that has been replaced and the number of times Hough has been involved in replacing the equipment.

Donations to the Hough Memorial Cancer Society can be mailed to Box 4311 Williams Lake, B.C., V2G-2V4.

Receipts for tax purposes are available upon request.

For more information about the society also check out their web site at www.houghmemorial.org.