Horsefly salmon festival needs volunteer interpreters

The first Roundtable meeting since June was held at the Horsefly Library Thursday, Oct. 20.

The first Roundtable meeting since June was held at the Horsefly Library Thursday, Oct. 20. The Annual Salmon Festival was more than a success, with over 650 people from in and around Horsefly attending the various events.

Special thanks go out to volunteers Tom Foley and Cathy Koot from the Williams Lake Rotary Club who helped out on Saturday, Ray LeBourdais and Ernie Gruhs for set up and take down of the tents and tables.As well, Sue Hemphill conducted an invertebrate study on Saturday; Judy Hillaby dissected fish all weekend, and I assisted with the Gyotaku fish painting both days.

Our co-ordinator Tracy Bond was put to the task of repairing dirt bike damage to our Salmon trail, as well as hosting the classic car clubs, and cleanup.

The arts funding paid for our music and festival co-ordinator Brandi Ranger, and the roundtable extends our thanks to the arts council for a great square dance on Saturday night.

It was acknowledged we needed more volunteer “river interpreters,” which includes a guided walk along the salmon trail.

It is difficult to imagine the knowledge those of us who live here have to share that city folk simply are not aware of. If we share the natural wonder we are surrounded with, maybe some person may move to the community, or perhaps a young person will become interested in biology; for sure everyone leaves with some new ideas about the Horsefly River and the value of the salmon run to the Quesnel Lake/Horsefly River watershed.

The motor bike damage to the Salmon Trail was discussed, and it was agreed to follow up with DFO regarding a gate and signage.

As well we need around $650 to repair the sign which was damaged by vandals on the weekend of June 18/19.

Despite the fact there were several windows broken at the Horsefly School as well that weekend, and numerous names put forth as possible suspects, the RCMP have been unable to elicit a confession from anyone.

Pre-spawn mortality was discussed with DFO biologist Judy Hillaby making an inquiry as to whether there was more than normal fish dying without spawning. There were concerns that if samples were taken to test for the ISA virus, although all indications are that this was not done.

Volunteers were recruited to move the public outhouse the roundtable provides as a service to the community from the flood zone to high ground.

Goldfields was discussed inasmuch as they are willing to conduct site tours by pre arrangement, and they had another well attended meeting at the community hall.

We will attempt to have a Ministry of the Environment representative give us an update on the bass in the Beaver Lakes system at an upcoming meeting.

Gerald Schute will be giving an update on emergency communications in our area at our next meeting at the Horsefly Library at 7 p.m. Nov. 17.