Sandy Tugnum (left)

Sandy Tugnum (left)

Horsefly Follies opens tonight

Horsefly Follies is at the end of rehearsal and raring to go for tonight's opening.

By Christina Mary

“Well, were all rehearsed,

we wont blow our lines,

and we’re sure not nervous because,

of the thrill that’ll getcha,

when we get our picture,

on the cover of the Horsefly Buzz

(or Tribune Weekend) or the Tribune!”

These are lines from one of the songs we sing in this year’s Horsefly Follies show After Hours which begins a two-weekend run tonight!

Its going to be a great show!

Be prepared to laugh at our antics, and sing along with the cast of The Horsefly Follies.

Actors this season are Paul Redford, Sandy Tugnum, Dawn Bigg, Ernie Gruhs, Christina Mary, Walter Hlookoff, and Jeff Jenner.

The cast has adapted short skits compiled by director Christina Mary, Paul Redford, and Curt and Sandy Tugnum.

Melissa Vaughn is producing.

What happens After Hours? We used our imaginations!

Tonight’s show is dialed down a notch for the children’s audience.

Tickets are still available for all shows, at Clarke’s General Store, only $12.50!

Kids show: Friday, April 26, 7 p.m.  (tickets at the door, kids $2. adults $6.)

Adult shows: Saturday,  April 27, 7:30 p.m. Friday, May 3, and Saturday, May 4, 7:30 p.m.

Horsefly Follies is a non-profit group that supports the running of the Horsefly  Community Hall and its programs.

The follies community fundraiser also includes a live auction and door prizes at half-time on each of the adult performance nights.

Items on the action block have been donated by local artists and artisans and include stained glass by Joanne Brown; hand woven basket by Christina Mary; horseshoe candle holders by Darcy Jackson; acrylic painting by Paul Redford; quilted item by Chris Kenny; framed print by Maureen LeBourdais; throw blanket by Laurel  Reynolds; wood turned item by Murray Manuel; barn-board bird house by Bun Wright; and a sun catcher by Maureen Chappell.