Horsefly 4-H wins video contests

The Horsefly 4-H Club earned dual honours this spring by winning two major video contest awards promoting agriculture.

The Horsefly 4-H Club earned dual honours this spring by winning two major video contest awards  promoting agriculture.

In early January this year, Horsefly 4-H Club members were asked if they wanted to participate in 4-H Canada’s Shout Out for AG! national video contest. The kids showed great interest and wanted to participate, making it the first time the club had entered this competition.

The photography club volunteered to do the project, with leader Victor Khong managing the project.

The challenge was to create videos that showcased agricultural themes not exceeding 45 seconds in length.

The Horsefly 4-H members decided to submit for two categories: “I Joined 4-H because…” and “I want a career in agriculture because….”

The first category would go on to have 24 submissions from across the nation, making it the most contested category in the competition.

For the first video, the club decided on having different members share their reasons for joining 4-H with live animals and farm scenery in the background.

The second video was inspired by Anna Best’s idea, “My dream is to have a ranch. My dream is to take over my Grandma and Grandpa’s ranch.” Using this concept, a video called For Generations was rapidly sketched out.

The first video shoot happened on Jan. 11 at the Best Ranch. The following Saturday and Sunday, production occurred at Woodjam Ranch and Jen and Ty’s Ranch along Black Creek Road.

On Jan. 25 additional video was shot at Doug Best’s ranch featuring Garrett Best in the role of the next generation taking over grandpa’s ranch for the second video called For Generations.

Additional time was spent at the Augustine Ranch for scenes in the first video.

A total of 23 participants appeared on camera for both videos. The I joined 4-H because… video won the provincial award and was selected by 4-H Canada and Farm Credit Canada as the national winner in the  category.

For Generations won the best in the province award.

The Horsefly 4-H club would like to thank the community, 4-H Canada and Farm Credit Canada for their generous support of rural communities and agriculture.

The videos may be seen at the following links: I Joined 4-H Because at (; For Generations at (, B.C. provincial winner.