The Teen Fiddlers entertained at the break. Individuals also won awards. Pictured are Keaton Carruthers on cello (left)

The Teen Fiddlers entertained at the break. Individuals also won awards. Pictured are Keaton Carruthers on cello (left)

Honours Concert showcases budding talent

Cariboo Festival 2013 was capped off with an amazing display of talent during the Honours Concert and awards night Saturday.

An amazing night of showcasing the talent of children and youth in Williams Lake was capped off Saturday evening with Cariboo Festival organizers announcing the adjudicator’s delegates to the Provincial Festival of Performing Arts in Chilliwack, May 26-30.

The Honours Concert held at Cariboo Bethel Church showcased top competitors in the month-long festival for the arts in vocal, band and instrumental, creative writing, speech arts and piano disciplines.

Delegates to the provincial festival are as follows:

Band and Instrumental: senior observer, Kasey Stirling; intermediate observer, Carly Magnuson.

Speech Arts: junior competitor, Joseph Antonio Brinoni; junior observer, Lauren Swan; intermediate observer, Paige Shahayla Brinoni.

Vocal: junior classical observer, Janelle Froese; junior classical observer, Keziah Froese; intermediate classical observer, Ilan Peimer; intermediate musical theatre competitor, Elise Everard; intermediate musical theatre observer, Nicole Lang Curbella.

The festival organizers paid special tribute to two long-time festival volunteers who passed away this year.

Dodie Hama was the festival’s secretary for more than 15 years.

A scholarship fund has been established by the Cariboo Foundation in honour of Tuba John Sykes, who provided scholarships for promising students for many years on his own and passed away earlier this year.

His wife Debbie Sykes was there to present the awards.

During the evening many scholarships and awards were presented as follows:

Band and


Lions Club Instrumental: Kyla Roorda.

Guitar Sellar: Kasey Stirling.

McDonald’s Restaurant Challenge Trophy: Kasey Stirling.

Rococo Violin Senior Scholarship: Kasey Stirling.

Rococo Violin Junior Scholarship: Amy Hanson.

Rococo Violin Intermediate Scholarship: William Newberry.

Daybreak Rotary Award: Carly Magnuson.

Tuba John Scholarship: Lauryn Marklinger, Lucia Johnston, Naija Chapin, Amelia Burrill.

Rotary Club Best Band Performance: Cataline Ringers.

Speech Arts

Lions Adjudicator Choice Promising Student: Alexandro Mario Brinoni.

Lions Best Overall: Joseph Antonio Brinoni.

Most Creative Performance: Lauren Swan.

Best Overall in Elementary Drama: Big Lake’s Amy Swan, Ashley Langan, Kayley Urquhart, Jakob St. Onge.

Best Overall in Secondary Drama: Paige Shahayla Brinoni.

Creative Writing

Verena Berger Elementary Poetry Award: Adrien Mattison Zimmerman.

Verena Berger Elementary Prose Award: Adrien Mattison Zimmerman.


Primary Duet: Lucia Johnston and Elizabeth Van Imerzeel.

Family Duet: Eli Petersen and Ann Smith.

Senior Duet: Naomi Lomavatu and Marlie Russell.

Primary Award: Morgan Langford.

Junior Jazz: Gabrielle Gracia.

Junior Popular: Leah Lauren.

Junior Modern: Maria Navratil.

Junior Rock: Rachel Glessing.

Junior Baroque: Haley Fisch.

Junior Classical: Sarah Park.

Junior Canadian: Lauryn Marklinger.

Junior Solo: Haley Fisch.

Junior Contemporary: Marcus Kennedy.

Junior Romantic: Vittoria Durfeld.

Intermediate Modern: Matilda McGirr.

Intermediate Rock: Matilda McGirr.

Intermediate Baroque: Amanda Carter.

Intermediate Classical: Olivia Harrison.

Intermediate Contemporary:  Olivia Harrison.

Intermediate Romantic: Amanda Carter.

Intermediate Solo: Theresa Stirling.

Intermediate Concert Group: Amanda Carter.

Senior Classical: Emilialyn Carter.

Senior Contemporary: Naomi Lomavatu.

Senior Canadian: Emilialyn Carter.

Senior Solo: Warran Penner.

Senior Impressionistic: Warran Penner.

Senior Concert Group: Emilialyn Carter.

Senior Concerto: Warran Penner.

Gail Carson Romantic Award: Michaela Froese.

Woodland Bursary: Warran Penner.

First Year of Study Award: Rebekah Park.

HJ Martin Award: Olivia Harrison.

Johnson Junior Award: Lauryn Marklinger.

Sommer Ivory Keys Award: Lauryn Marklinger.

Vocal and Choral

Primary Concert Class: Natasha Castro.

Jr. A Concert Recital: Meaghan Amos.

Senior Concert Recital: Michelle Erlandson.

Jr. B Contemporary Gospel: Janelle Froese.

Primary Musical Theatre: Marin Hagedorn.

Jr. A Musical Theatre: Meaghan Amos.

Jr. B Musical Theatre: Elise Everard.

Senior Musical Theatre: Sharon Hoffman.

Acorn Encouragement Award: Marin Hagedorn.

School Choir High Point: Maranatha K-3 Choir.

Adult Choir High Point: Quintet Plus.

Choral Directorship Award: Joy Klaue.