Heart of the Warrior workshop hosted in Williams Lake for men

If you are a man, you understand that life is a battle.

If you are a man, you understand that life is a battle.

Chances are pretty good that you lead a busy life putting food on the table.

You do way more than 9 to 5– whatever it takes to care for your own.

You’re in overdrive, racing to make sure you meet your responsibilities.

But you are more than a worker bee and life is more than a rat race.

Life is a battle, you are taking fire from all sides, and you want victory.  When the work day is done and the house is quiet, you wonder about your life.  Is this fight worth it or should I surrender? Am I a wimp or a warrior?  Will I ever find victory in the battles and struggles of my life?

This probably sounds familiar to you, and now a group of local men are challenging you to come find strength and victory in the fight of your life.  They are inviting you to attend The Heart of a Warrior Conference on February 1-2 at the Gibraltar Room.  This conference features international leader Dr. Ted Roberts.

A local businessman says, “I’ve attended Ted’s workshop.

It changed my life and showed me victory is possible.  I’d recommend it to every man I know!”

Dr. Roberts understands how to talk to men about purpose, change and victory in life because he has stared down countless battles in his own life. His story is especially compelling for men, who face the challenges of daily life as well as the inner battles every man confronts.

Raised in an abusive, alcoholic home, Ted found inner resilience in the midst of adversity.

He became driven to succeed, graduating from college and becoming a top fighter pilot in the U.S. military during the Vietnam War.  The horrors of war stirred up deep wounds in Ted.

He experienced intense battles with alcohol and especially sex addiction that persisted during and after Vietnam.

“I was half drunk in the middle of a firefight in Vietnam, when I read a love letter from my wife, Diane,” remembers Ted.

That moment became a pivot point in his life. He found victory and freedom over time by trusting in Jesus Christ and with support from his wife and others.  Roberts sought out training and gained expertise to offer real help to others who struggle like he did.

The Heart Of  A Warrior Conference is designed by Ted to offer practical tools and inspiration for men who need a battle plan to conquer internal enemies—enemies that hinder them from being everything they are meant to be. Ted uses the best insights from counseling and the science of neurochemistry, as well as wisdom from the Bible to forge a path out of shame, awakening the heart of a champion in countless men.

Richard said this after attending one of Dr. Roberts’ conferences: “We are all warriors who continue to fight side by side every day.

Men all around the world are fighting a battle they can’t fight alone. We may not fight an enemy army but every day we battle temptation and the pressures from this world. As men, we have to get together and train for the battle. Thank you Ted for being such a great leader.”

The Heart Of A Warrior conference happens at the Gibraltar Room Friday, Feb, 1 from 5:30 to  9 p.m. (doors open at 5 p.m.) and continues Saturday, Feb. 2 from 9 a.m. to noon.  Cost is $25 at the door (covers materials).

Friday evening begins with a pizza dinner.  If you have questions about the conference you can email dmc5@telus.net or call 250-267-7670.  You can visit www.conquerseries.com to find out more about Dr. Roberts.

Jeremy Vogt is a minister at Cariboo Bethel Church.