Happy Birthday Williams Lake

William's Lake's official poet Frank Gleeson honours the city's 85th birthday with a poem.

See we’re going to have a birthday,

So that’s a special thing

Yes, we’re 85 years old today.

So let’s all dance and sing.



Now we’ve got this great Cariboo town

That I like to talk about,

It makes us all so doggone proud

That we just want to shout.



We’ve got mines and mills, ranching land

Where cattle graze and feed,

And local merchants second to none.

They have everything you need.



We’ve got snow, we can put on a show.

We can snowmobile and ski.

That makes us a healthy town

Which is both good for you and me.



Now our town is using beet juice

Just to try and thaw the ice.

I think they should use moonshine.

Now wouldn’t that be nice!



Yes, if they could pour on a little shine

Well, it should be a breeze.

It should just work like clockwork

cause moonshine, it won’t freeze.



You could just melt down the snowbank

And you wouldn’t have to buy.

Just cut yourself a snow cone,

And the whole town could be high.


So if the cop should pull you over

And he says you’re on that brew,

You know he won’t give you a ticket

‘Cause you know he drinks it too.


We’ve got loggers and house builders

That can build most anything,

Like Pioneer Homes of Williams Lake

That’s called the Timber Kings.


Yes, they’re a local company

And don’t make no mistake.

The owners and their siblings,

were all raised near Williams Lake.


So, if we should brag about our town

To people far and near

What a great town we have

Cause we want everyone to hear


See, 85 years is a long, long time

So let us all partake,

Let everyone join in the fun.

Happy birthday Williams Lake.


Frank Gleeson

This poem was written by Frank Gleeson, the City of Williams Lake’s official poet, to celebrate the city’s 85th birthday which was on Saturday, March 15.