Film club screens Behind the Candelabra

The Williams Lake Film Club is presenting its next film Behind the Candelabra this Tuesday, Feb. 25, at the Gibraltar Room.

The Williams Lake Film Club is presenting its next film Behind the Candelabra this Tuesday, Feb. 25, at the Gibraltar Room.

Before Elvis, before Elton John, Madonna and Lady Gaga, there was Liberace: virtuoso pianist, outrageous entertainer and flamboyant star of stage and television.

His name is the embodiment of showmanship and extravagance, his way of dressing is so far over the top it just about seems magical, and he loves candelabras, always placing one on his grand piano before  starting to play.

His career spanned more than 40 years.

His love for candelabras gave the title to our film: Behind the Candelabra.

We meet Liberace (Michael Douglas) when he meets a young stranger, Scott Thorson, played by Matt Damon.

Despite their age difference and their lives seemingly a world apart, they fall in love. In our film we follow them from their first meeting at the Las Vegas Hilton to their final bitter break-up. You have to remember, this was at a time when Hollywood was deeply closeted.

Being gay or homosexual was absolutely not to be mentioned. It could destroy one’s career and endanger one’s life.

Behind the Candelabra is directed by Steven Soderbergh and the screenplay is based on the book by Scott Thorson, Liberace’s Lover. The acting is dead on. I was expecting to see Michael Douglas in another good role, he always seems to pick the good ones, but in this film he actually seems to become Liberace.

Your forget that you are watching the Michael Douglas, he is just so good. Matt Damon is perfect as the young lover from the country, the change in his character once he is with Liberace is fascinating. And Rob Lowe as the cosmetic surgeon is downright creepy.

It is easy to thoroughly enjoy this film, but you might catch yourself really caring for the characters of Liberace and Thorson, caught in a world of deceit, manipulation and hollow fame. And  then there is true love as well …

Next Tuesday is even more special as we will have a birthday cake, a big and really yummy one, for all of our birthday “kids” throughout the year, represented by Ruth Lord who will be celebrating her 96th birthday.

She has been the most loyal member of the Williams Lake Film Club since its inception and has been declared their first Honorary Member last year on her 95th birthday. Let’s sing Happy Birthday and have a good time after the show.

See you there!

The screening of Behind the Candelabra will start at 7 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 25. Back-doors open at 6:30 p.m.

If you come through the front doors, please march right through to the back. We love to take your money as this is a fundraiser for the LDA and Child Development Centre.

Regular admission is $9, $8 for Film Club members,  and $6 for seniors (65+) and students, TRU and High School.