Exchange program looking for co-ordinator

Exchange program looking for co-ordinator

Role a support position for an incoming exchange student from France

The life of an exchange student, while filled with incredible cultural and language experiences, sometimes requires a little extra support — support provided by someone other than the host family who takes them in.

YES Canada is looking for one such person in the Williams Lake area for a Grade 11 French exchange student arriving at the end of March.

The role is that of local co-ordinator: the person would get to know the student and host family, and provide regular check-ins and support through the program.

“We look for fantastic local people who know the area well and who are looking to get to know the student,” said Scott Baird, national student recruitment manager with YES Canada.

YES Canada provides international immersion programs between schools in 23 different destinations, said Baird. They can last from two weeks to ten months.

Currently, a Williams Lake student is travelling with YES on a high school immersion program in Spain for three months.

“From the reports we have had so far, the student is having a great time and taking advantage of what her local area has to offer,” said Baird.

The incoming French student will stay in the lakecity for three months.

“We hope that the student is going to really get to know the Williams lake community and make links with her host family and friends at school that will last long after their program ends.”

While the organization has located a host family for the student, they’re in search of someone to co-ordinate her stay.

“We want someone who is looking to be part of the experience,” said Baird.

The co-ordinator would be responsible for meeting the host family before the student arrives, meeting with the student shortly after their arrival, and doing monthly check-ins during the exchange ­— with extra support if necessary.

The position is a paid-volunteer position and YES Canada provides training for the experience.

“We are looking for people that are interested in the experience overall, but we do also provide our local co-ordinators with compensation for their time,” said Baird.

Qualifications necessary? Be a high-school grad with communication skills, a vehicle, and excellent interpersonal skills.

Mediation skills also help.

If interested, Baird said to email or call the office directly at 416-623-6220 ext. 407.