District 4-H Club speech winners announced

Hi. My name is Ben Stafford and I am the Chimney Valley 4-H reporter.

By Ben Stafford

Hi.  My name is Ben Stafford and I am the Chimney Valley 4-H reporter. 

The district 4-H Club speeches were held at Mountview Elementary School March 5 at 1 p.m. 

This is my fourth year in 4-H and my first time to the district speeches. 

It was a nerve-wracking experience.

But let’s get to the placings.

For the juniors: third place went Wyatt Armes; second place was a three-way tie between Adriane Kennedy, Maria Di Marco and Melanie Wintjes. 

The first place award for juniors went to Mikayla Mosher.

Yours truly was un-placed. 

For the seniors: third place went to Matthew Armes; second place went to Shay Keenan-Toop and first place went to Amy Stafford.  

The judges for juniors were Linda Rodier, Wayne Rodier and Ralph Fowler. 

For the seniors’ competition Rick Miller, Deborah Radolla and Judy Orodz were sitting in the judges seat.  

We thank the judges and the people who showed up.  

The first and second place winners will go on to the regional speech competition in Kersley on April 2. Goodbye and good luck in Kersley.