Devoted couple in Global BC’s dream wedding finals

A former lakecity couple is now one of 10 finalists in Global BC’s $20,000 dream wedding contest.

A former lakecity couple is now one of 10 finalists in Global BC’s $20,000 dream wedding contest.

Bonded in love since meeting in Grade 1 Tiffany Hall and Michael Denne-Smith are among the top 10 finalists in Global BC’s $20,000. dream wedding contest.

“Our story and picture will be on their website,” Tiffany says. “Voting takes place Feb. 13 to Feb. 26. Each person who places a vote is also entered to win a $1,500 travel voucher.”

She says they will be interviewed by the Global producer and contestants will be notified within two days of the voting closing.

The love story of Tiffany and Michael begins when they started school together in Grade 1 at Horsefly elementary which they attended together until Grade 7.

“In Grade 7 we became the typical boyfriend/girlfriend,” Tiffany says. “It was then that we both attended Grade 8 at Anne Stevenson Secondary school, carrying on to Columneetza.”

When they were 16 and 18, respectively, Tiffany said they had a beautiful baby girl, which complicated things very much.

“I carried on to do my Grade 12 and Michael left school to start work to support our new family,” Tiffany says. “Shortly after graduating high school we moved into Williams Lake so I could start college and Michael continued to work.”

Within the next four years they had their son.

Tiffany went on to finish the early childhood education program at Cariboo College (now Thompson Rivers University) and the next year took the Social Service Worker program as well.

Michael continues to work at the West Fraser Plywood plant in Williams Lake.

Now together for 18  years, Tiffany is on leave from her job, leading up to the due date of their third child in March.

Tiffany says she and Michael never married because providing for their family has always come first.

“A roof over our head, a reliable vehicle and our children always came before us,” Tiffany says. “So now the years have slipped by and here we are. The desire to be married has always been there; we just never had the opportunity.

“That is why we entered the dream wedding contest because it would truly be a dream come true.”

There are nine runner-up prizes and one grand prize, a Passion Wedding package trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico for the winning couple and 10 guests.

“We would be together regardless of a dream wedding, but winning the dream wedding would make a great addition to our lifelong story,” Tiffany says.

“We would really appreciate the support of our community.”

People can vote for a dream wedding for Tiffany and Michael by going to the website. Sometime during the next two weeks the couple will also be interviewed through skype by a Global news team for the contest.