Aurora-Lee Hooker

Aurora-Lee Hooker

Computer literacy: a necessary foundation skill

Computer literacy is the ability to use a computer for a variety of tasks.

Computer literacy is the ability to use a computer for a variety of tasks.

The ability to use a computer is considered a necessary foundation skill along with the ability to read and write fluently.

Many jobs require a minimum level of computer knowledge.  It is necessary to use a computer to prepare a resume and even to do a job search.

If you are beyond the job-search years of your life, you may find that you need to use a computer to keep in touch with family and friends using e-mail.

Banks and service providers are trying to convince us to use their on-line computer services.

The public library uses a computer catalogue and offers many internet links to magazines, newspapers, online e-books and government collections.

Applying for government benefits and pensions is much faster using a computer. Checking the Revenue Canada site for tax information is easier than hours waiting to talk to someone on the phone.

Help is available for those who would like to learn how to use a computer.

Partner Assisted Learning (PAL) is a program sponsored by the Cariboo-Chilcotin Partners for Literacy.

The public library has free computer use and PAL has tutors to help.

Together they made a plan to help people in the city tackle their computer issues.  On the second and fourth Tuesday of the month, anyone can book an hour to work with a PAL tutor on a computer in the library.

This is a free service.

The program has been running for a year with 20 help sessions and over 70 people assisted.

The session can be for basic computer use, program use (such as Word or Power Point), internet use, and/or email use.

We can also help you learn to use a laptop or tablet and manage your pictures using the computer.

The library has short courses on using E-Readers.

Phone the Cariboo Regional District Library at 250-392-3351 to book your session for computer help.

You can also visit the library to sign up.

– Carla Schreiner