Compost bins recharged

We are now in full swing at the Potato House. Things are just buzzing.

Chris Hornby

Special to the Tribune/Advisor

We are now in full swing at the Potato House. Things are just buzzing.

Our new co-ordinator is Oliver Berger, who spent the winter snow-boarding 30 ski hills in Alberta and making films about his boarding experiences.

All the new compost boxes have been built and are filled with new soil and leaves in order to start accepting your compost waste.

The Potato House is the only heritage house composting depot in B.C. and also has a community garden.

We have 13 growers planting gardens on the site this spring.

While many of them have planted a garden at the Potato House for four years, there are also several first-time gardeners this year.

We try to purchase and plant organic seeds.

Some items planted include New Foundland beans, chard, beets, squash, bok choy, onions and local heritage potatoes.

There are also Prince Edward Island sunflowers for the birds to feed on in winter.

Our famous rhubarb is now being harvested.

The apple trees and lilacs are in bloom making for some great photographs.

And the rose bush has leaves.

The Potato House is a friendly, busy place as people drive by to deposit their compost which helps to reduce waste going into our landfill and helps to keep our planet green.

We have official compost buckets available at the Potato House for $10.

They are handy for business lunch rooms in the downtown area, daycare centres, preschools, and people living in apartments and mobile home parks who would like to get involved in composting and help to make more valuable soil for the garden.

Our recent hot dog/veggie dog sale was a great success thanks to Carol Thiessen, Angel Moore, and all of our customers, plus Save-On employees.

Pop by anytime, chat with the knowledgeable gardeners, dump your compost, enjoy seeing our garden grow and hear the bees hum. It is relaxing.

Potato House memberships are $10 a year for a senior or students and $20 a year for an individual, $30 for a family and $100 for a corporation.

Donations are always appreciated.

Drop by 49 Borland Street or check out