CHIMNEY VALLEY 4-H CLUB: 65th annual Williams Lake and District 4-H Show and Sale

Denzel Cote.Denzel Cote.
Damian Inglis.Damian Inglis.
Brody Nustad.Brody Nustad.
Paige Romaniuk.Paige Romaniuk.
Sawyer Romaniuk.Sawyer Romaniuk.
Meikka Soloman.Meikka Soloman.
Roman Soloman.Roman Soloman.
Taya Soloman.Taya Soloman.
Dawson Spady.Dawson Spady.
Liam Worthington.Liam Worthington.
Lane Carson.Lane Carson.
Ella Carson.Ella Carson.

The Chimney Valley 4-H Club consists of 16 members. We have Sheep, Swine, Beef, Rabbit and Honeybee projects this year. Chimney Valley Club has existed for 17 years. We changed our shirts to a classy light blue western shirt that looks super sharp, so be sure to watch for us. Our year has been very successful so far in the many activities our members have completed. The icing on the cake is always being able to attend the 65th Annual Show and Sale coming up on Aug. 3-7 at the Williams Lake Stockyards. See you there!

Ella Carson – Lot #15

Hello, my name is Ella Carson, lot 15 and this is my ninth year in the Chimney Valley 4-H Club. I hold the position of club president again this year. I am a second-year ambassador for the 4-H program. I am loving the incredible opportunities this has offered me. I am raising a market hog named Penelope. She is a Hereford Yorkshire cross with a nice big ham on her. This would be great for a delicious dinner with your family. Keep an eye out for lot number 15.

Lane Carson – Lot #16

Hello, my name is Lane Carson, lot 16 and this is my seventh year in the Chimney Valley 4-H Club. I enjoy 4-H because I get to learn about business and animals while hanging out with my friends. This year I am raising a good-looking market hog named Jorgé. Jorgé is a Berkshire/Tamworth cross that is gaining weight at a steady pace now. He would be a great addition to your Christmas dinner. The Show and Sale runs Aug. 3–7 with the sale on Aug. 7 starting at 5:30 p.m. I hope that you come check out Jorgé, myself and the rest of the 4-H kids.

Denzel Cote – Lot #17

My name is Denzel Cote. I am in Chimney Valley 4-H Club. It is my eighth year in 4-H. My 2023 steer named Enzo is a Maine cross steer and he is sure to provide a tasty t-bone and many other tender cuts of beef. We have had a successful show season. So far he has earned a spot in the Championship classes at both Prospect 2000 and the Cariboo Classic Junior shows this spring and we just placed third in class at the Calgary Stampede! Last year at Show and Sale my steer was slapped as the Reserve Champion steer, and he and I are working hard to make a solid run this year! Hope to see you in the barns would love to introduce him to you.

Damian Inglis – Lot #21

My name is Damian Inglis and I have been in 4-H seven years. I have a steer project this year. His name is Moose and he has been easy to train. I attend Sxoxomic School and I just won the citizenship award for my school. I am working on building up my cow herd. I have three cows and one bull calf so far. Thanks to everyone for supporting 4-H.

Brody Nustad – Lot #23

Hi there, my name is Brody Nustad and I am 13 years old. This is my third year in the Chimney Valley 4-H Club. This year I will be selling honey at Show and Sale at the Stockyards on Monday, Aug. 7.

Paige Romaniuk – Lot #24

Hi there! My name is Paige Romaniuk. I am 17 years old and this is my seventh year with the Chimney Valley 4-H Club. This year I am selling another beauty of a steer. My steer’s name is Tuxedot and he is an Angus X Herford. Tuxedo has a beautiful top line, a deep body and gained weight like a pro! He is very cooperative whenever I am working with him and I am very confident he will have a market-worthy end result. This year has been a very busy year for me. Along with my other commitments with work, school, and the WWR drill team, I have also been helping my brother, Sawyer, with his steer. My brother had a bad injury to his leg earlier this summer so I stepped in to assure he could make it to sale this year. If you’re in the market for some incredible beef watch for Paige and Tuxedo in lot number 24 at this year’s auction held Monday, Aug. 7 at the Williams Lake Stockyards or view online at

Sawyer Romaniuk – Lot #25

My name is Sawyer Romaniuk. I am in 15 years old and in the tenth grade. This is my fifth year with the Chimney Valley 4-H Club. This year again I have another beauty of a steer for sale. My steer’s name is Uncle and this flashy boy is an Angus X Longhorn. Uncle has filled out nicely and will be the perfect size with no waste! Earlier this summer, I had a very unfortunate accident on my dirt bike while out enjoying a ride with my buddies on my fifteenth birthday. That accident left me with a broken femur in my left leg and a plane ride to Children’s Hospital for surgery to repair it. Though I haven’t been able to sustain my usual steer duties, my sister Paige stepped in and has been the hugest help this year! Paige will be helping me show Uncle at the 4-H sale as well as her own steer this year. So, if you’re looking for some tasty beef that’s been raised with the highest standards look for Uncle in lot number 25 at the 4-H sale on Monday, Aug. 7 at the Williams Lake Stockyards.

Meikka Soloman – Lot #26

My name is Meikka Solomon and I am 10 years old. I attend Sxoxomic School and have a Rabbit project. I also am training my dog and my pony. My favourite animals are alpacas.

Roman Soloman – Lot #28

Hi. My name is Roman Solomon and this is my sixth year in 4-H. I did a Rabbit project this year, I have had to learn a lot about rabbits and how to hold them so they don’t escape. I attend Sxoxomic School. 4-H is a good thing to belong to.

Taya Soloman – Lot #27

My name is Tay Solomon and I am 11 years old and attend Sxoxomic School. I have been in 4-H for five years. My project this year is Rabbit and it has been really different as I am used to dealing with large pigs. I am going to do a pig next year.

Dawson Spady – Lot #29

My name is Dawson Spady and this is my sixth year in the Chimney Valley 4-H Club. I am presenting my Simmental X steer named Dontavious. He has been an excellent steer to train and show. We have had a lot of fun on the road and done well in each show we have entered. We just finished showing at the Calgary Stampede where we placed well in our class. My past carcasses have always placed high in the grading results and I really think this guy will be there, too, providing the lucky buyer with some top-quality grade-A beef! Come and check him out at the Stockyards this August long weekend and don’t miss out on your chance to bid.

Liam Worthington – Lot #31

My name is Liam Worthington from the Chimney Valley 4-H Club. I am offering my fourth steer Apollo at the upcoming Williams Lake 4-H Show and Sale. Apollo is a Hereford X steer and he has been an easy feeder and turned out to be a really good steer. He and I were in the Championship round at the Cariboo Classic Junior Steer and Heifer Show in June. We are attending a couple of shows this July before we head into our final weekend and sale coming up at Williams Lake Stockyards. I hope you can come down and check him out in the barns to see him for yourself. I expect him to be a tasty treat for the lucky winning bidder.

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