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Children learn about tide pool creatures at Scout Island Nature Centre

They also released salmon into the Williams Lake River

Children enjoyed an Oceans Day event at Scout Island Nature Centre on Sunday, June 11.

They joined Annie Ellison, a volunteer with the Williams Lake Field Naturalists and Adrien Zimmerman, university summer student, to learn about the lives of sea cucumbers, sea stars, sea anemones and more.

The event began inside the Nature House where Ellison talked about the different sea creatures.

Holding them in her hands she invited the children to take turns touching them, but only with a pinky finger.

She told them sea stars eat by putting their stomachs outside their bodies, digest everything, and then pulling everything back in.

The Pacific Salmon Foundation provides funding to keep the tide pool creatures in the tank all year long.

After the presentation inside the nature house, the children and their parents, along with some volunteers, headed to the Williams Lake River to release salmon.

Each family was given one small salmon to release, with Zimmerman giving them instructions to be very gentle.

“We have 11 fish to release,” she said.

Zimmerman encouraged parents to check out all the summer programming being offered at Scout Island between July 5 and Aug.18, such as nature fun, art in nature, plus there are themes for every week such as feathered friends or magnificent mammals.

Monica Lamb-Yorski

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