Gaeil Farrar photos A stellar group of young singers

Gaeil Farrar photos A stellar group of young singers

Cariboo Festival 2012 Honours Concert features amazing talent

Cariboo Festival 2012 wrapped up Saturday evening at Cariboo Bethel Church with a three-hour concert featuring an amazing array of talent.

Cariboo Festival 2012 wrapped up Saturday evening at Cariboo Bethel Church with a three-hour concert featuring an amazing array of talented local youth and adults who earned gold standing from the judges in their entry classes.

In a break from previous years, the Spotlight Performance normally held the week before the Honour’s Concert was cancelled due to a shortage of volunteers, hence the expanded program for the Honours Concert.

During the evening, awards, bursaries and trophies were presented to the winners and at the end of the evening organizers announced names of the delegates recommended for participation in the provincial festival taking place May 27 to 31 in Nanaimo as follows.

Junior Speech Arts Competitor, Paul Noble.

Intermediate Speech Arts Competitor, Luke Noble.

Intermediate Observer Speech Arts, Charlotte Duggan.

Intermediate Observer Instrumental, Kasey Stirling.

Junior Musical Theatre Competitor: Elise Everard.

Junior Musical Theatre Observer: Tianna Goddard.

Junior Classical Voice Competitor: Janelle Froese.

Intermediate Musical Theatre Competitor: Deidre Everard.

Intermediate Classical Voice Competitor: Marli Froese.

Junior Piano Competitor: Marlie Russell.

Junior Piano Observer: Naomi Lomavatu.

Intermediate Piano Competitor: Warran Penner.

Awards in the various classes are as follows.

The Woodland Participation Award for the school with the most entries overall went to Maranatha Christian School.

Speech Arts

Lions Best Overall in Speech Arts: Luke Noble.

Cariboo Festival Society Creativity Award: Danielle Schultz.

Lions Adjudicator’s Choice Promising Student Award: Paul Noble.

Best Overall Choral Speech Award: Maranatha Christian School.

Best Overall Drama Elementary: Cataline Elementary School.

Best Overall Drama Secondary: Stephen Noble.

Band and  Instrumental

Rotary Club Best Band Performance Award: Williams Lake Jazz Band.

Lions Club Instrumental Award: Carly Magnuson.

Guitar Sellar Instrumental Award: Andrew Froese.

Daybreak Rotary Award: William Newberry.

McDonald’s Restaurant Challenge Trophy: Kasey Stirling.

Tuba John Encouragement Awards: Paul Noble, Mackenna Alexander, Dakota Lesley, Amy Hanson.

The Rococo Violin Shop Scholarship Senior: Kasey Stirling.

The Rococo Violin Shop Scholarship Junior/Intermediate: Carly Magnuson.

Vocal and


Kiwanis Junior A Scholarship: Janelle Froese.

Kiwanis Intermediate Scholarship: Marli Froese.

Junior B Musical Productions Award: Elise Everard.

Intermediate Musical Productions Award: Deidre Everard.

Primary Musical Theatre Award: Natasha Castro.

Junior A Musical Theatre Award: Tianna Goddard.

Senior Musical Theatre Award: Sharon Hoffman.

Intermediate Contemporary Gospel Award: Marli Froese.

Kiwanis Senior Gospel Scholarship: Gerry Farquharson.

Junior A Authentic Folk Award: Janelle Froese.

Intermediate Authentic Folk Award:  Stephen Noble.

Senior Authentic Folk Award: Michelle Erlandson.

Kiwanis Primary Concert Award: Natasha Castro.

Grace Dunford Award: Janelle Froese.

Acorn Encouragement Award:  Elise Everard.

Choral Directorship Award: Debbie Browning.

Choral Hi-Point Choir: Quintet Plus.

Choral Hi-Point School Award:  Maranatha Christian School.

Piano Awards

Johnson Primary Award: Remi Giroux.

CFS Baroque: Serenna Sellars.

CFS Intermediate Baroque: Etienne LeBouder.

Barker Junior Classical: Adrianne Kennedy.

Barker Intermediate Classical: David Russell.

Barker Senior Classical: Warran Penner.

Lion Junior Romantic: Keziah Froese.

Johnson Intermediate Romantic: Olivia Harrison.

CFS Senior Romantic: Warran Penner.

CFS Junior Canadian: Haley Fisch.

Martin Intermediate Canadian: Naomi Lomavatu.

Johnson Junior Contemporary: Serenna Sellars.

Lioness Senior Contemporary: Marlie Russell.

Lioness Junior Solo: Serenna Sellars.

CFS Senior Solo: Warran Penner.

CFS Primary Duet: Elizabeth and Michelle Heal.

CFS Junior Duet: Monica Rawlek-Elizondo and Dana Rook.

CFS Senior Duet: Namoi Lomavatu and Marlie Russell.

Excelsior Jewellers Family Music: Matilda and Mark McGirr.

CFS Senior Quick Study: Marlie Russell.

Lioness Junior Jazz: Eli Petersen.

Lioness Intermediate Jazz: Jonathan Russell.

Lioness Junior Popular: Kyla Wallin.

Lioness Intermediate Popular: David Russell.

Lioness Junior Sacred: Rachel Glessing.

Lioness Intermediate Sacred: Luke Noble.

Lioness Contemporary Idioms: Keziah Froese.

Senior Sight Reading: Marlie Russell.

Lions First Year of Study: Morgan Langford.

CFS Junior Piano Award: Serenna Sellars.

H.J.Martin Award: Naomi Lomavatu.

Gail Carson Romantic Competition: Naomi Lomavatu.

Senior Piano Competition: Marlie Russell.

Sommer Ivory Keys Award: Keziah Froese.

E.G. Woodland Bursary: Warran Penner.