Calming the Practice Monster music workshop comes to Williams Lake

Are you a music teacher frustrated with under-prepared students?

Are you a music teacher frustrated with under-prepared students?

Or a Parent aggravated by practice time? Or a Student bored with practicing?

Calming the Practice Monster by Regal Monster Production is a workshop designed to help teachers, parents and students with their practice time.

Paul Coates & The Monster will facilitate a musical workshop in Williams Lake on Friday, Oct. 12,  from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. at Calvary Church at 625 Carson Drive.

This interactive workshop is about reconnecting the musical team: the student, the parent and the teacher.

Paul Coates will present inventive ways to make peace with these experiences.

He will suggest ways to create the fun so the results will come!

Paul Coates brings a wealth of experience to this one of a kind musical adventure.  Virginia M. Taylor (ARCT, RMT) describes Paul Coates as “’an enigmatic, energetic and a most exciting clinician. (…) He presents his topics with much enthusiasm, liveliness and well-placed humour.”

The event is about taking time to honour our musical relationships by being physically, emotionally, mindfully present and by empowering each other to acknowledge that we are all worthy to explore the language of music.

During the event there will be opportunities that encourage and embrace each person in the social relationship that is unique to the adventure of music.

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