ALS walk set for June 13 in lakecity

The Horsefly Ladies Walking Club will be taking to the streets on June 13 .

The Horsefly Ladies Walking Club will be taking to the streets on June 13 in Williams Lake for their effort at raising money for the ALS Society of B.C.

ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, sometimes referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease, and there is simply no way to sugar coat the outcome of ALS.  Average survival depending on different factors is 39 months from time of diagnosis.  Anyone who has been told they have cancer knows that initial feeling of shock, however, there is always hope that with treatment, survival is possible.

With ALS it is only a matter of time until one becomes completely unable to function.

It is an extremely rare disease with no real known cause, and no cure.

There is some evidence ALS is genetic in some families, but nothing can be nailed down as fact.

It is a frightening prospect to say the least.

The real fight for right to die began with Sue Rodriguez, and was joined later by Kay Carter and Gloria Taylor, all whom are now deceased; but they held the banner and led the fight and are remembered with honour.

The federal government wants the court to uphold the law, arguing that all lives are valuable and need to be protected, and that the current law protects vulnerable people who may be coerced into terminating their lives.

Currently there are eight jurisdictions that allow assisted ending of life, and they include Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, the U.S. states of Washington and Oregon, and Quebec has passed right to die legislation.

An IPSOS Reid survey has established that the majority of Canadians endorse the idea. It seems as long as there are social engineers at work, this right to die legislation will always be challenged.

The Horsefly Ladies Walking Club is lead by Esther Oschwald.

Esther lost a brother to ALS in 2010, and he is her inspiration.

With any luck, Esther will be joined by walking ladies Nancy Beigh, Gerry Farquharson, Rose Kearney, and Monika Schlaepfer.

Anyone else who wishes to join them is most welcome. Last year they raised $1,500 for ALS B.C.

The women are seeking sponsorships from their friends and neighbours. These ladies are all in the phone book should you wish to help out.

The ALS website is: www.walkfor

This years provincial sponsors are Peoples Drug Mart, Global BC, and the BC Lions. Come on out and support a real great cause.