63rd Williams Lake and District 4-H Show and Sale: Meet the Horsefly 4-H Club

Horsefly 4-H Club (Liz Hardwick photo)Horsefly 4-H Club (Liz Hardwick photo)
Joey AugustineJoey Augustine
Lexi AugustineLexi Augustine
Aleah Cartwright-St DenisAleah Cartwright-St Denis
Caiden CartwrightCaiden Cartwright
Reed ChristensonReed Christenson
Turner ChristensonTurner Christenson
Charlee KershawCharlee Kershaw
Ireland KershawIreland Kershaw
Braydon LazarBraydon Lazar
Ethan LazarEthan Lazar
Logan LazarLogan Lazar
Kayla Lucak-LipusKayla Lucak-Lipus
Blair ScottBlair Scott
Cooper SeelhofCooper Seelhof
Renee SeelhofRenee Seelhof
Ashley WilsonAshley Wilson
Ronald WilsonRonald Wilson
Cheyenne YahnkeCheyenne Yahnke
Lot #122 Riata SeelhofLot #122 Riata Seelhof

Submitted by the Horsefly 4-H Club

Horsefly 4-H Club as been providing fun times and great learning opportunities since 1993. Our members look forward to showing their amazing projects at the Annual Show and Sale held in Williams Lake. Horsefly shows great support for these kids. Many a grand champion, in all sorts of projects, has made the community proud over the years.

In 2021, twenty members of the club are bringing beef, sheep, swine, small engines, foods and cloverbud projects to the show and sale. Watch for our bright red shirts in the show ring! And thank you to everyone who has supported the Horsefly 4-H Club over the years.

Lot #105 Joey Augustine

Hi my name is Joey Augustine I’m 15 years old and this is my 10th year in the Horsefly 4-H Club. This year I have a steer named Opa, a heifer named Halo, a cow named Ginny her calf named Jacoby and a foods project. My steer is a homegrown pure bred black Angus, he weighs about 1,250 pounds. All of my female projects are homegrown black Angus as well. Hope to see you at the show and sale.

Lot #106 Lexi Augustine

Hello, my name is Lexi Augustine, and I am the president of the Horsefly 4-H club. I am 16 years old, and this is my 10th year in the 4-H program. My projects this year are market steer, heifer, cow/calf, and I am also one of your Central Interior 4-H Ambassadors. My steer that I will be selling at the Williams Lake Annual Show & Sale is a homegrown Angus-cross from my family ranch. My females that I will be showing are all homegrown from my own purebred Black Angus herd, Smoky Mountain Angus. I am excited to finally have an opportunity this year to showcase all of my projects that I have been working on and I can’t wait to see the progress of my fellow members as well, thank you.

Lot #107 Aleah Cartwright

My name is Aleah Cartwright and I am eight years old. This is my second year in the Horsefly 4H club. This is also my second year as a Cloverbud. This year I got to learn some really cool things in Cloverbuds. A couple things I learned about was rabbits, dairy and farm safety. My favorite thing I did this year was milking a cow and making a dreamcatcher.

Lot #108 Caiden Cartwright

Hi, my name is Caiden Cartwright. I am 10 years old and this my fourth year in the Horsefly 4H club and my second year a junior member. My lot number is 108. This year I choose to do swine because I really enjoyed doing it last year. My pig’s name is Buster and he is a Tamworth Large Black cross. I raise him in rotational pasture because pasture-raised pork is the best. With his daily ration of hog grower and fresh veggies this keeps Buster super happy because he gets to forage and root new areas all the time. Buster’s favorite thing is to have belly scratches.

Lot #109 Reed Christenson

Hello my name is Reed Christenson, I am a member of the Horsefly 4-H Club.I have a market steer named Nasher, he likes to take walks with me and he likes his roomie named Archer. Nasher is my homie he is stellar. Nasher is the perfect size for you and your family. You can bid on him at the stockyards on August 9. Thanks for reading this article.

Lot #110 Turner Christenson

Hello, my name is Turner Christenson. I have a market steer named Archer. I also have a cow/calf pair named Page and Preston. I have been in 4-H for three years now and I am a member of the Horsefly 4-H Club. I am looking forward to showing my steer and my cow/calf pair this year. This steer is a very nice steer he has a lot of meat. I think this will be the perfect steer for your freezer. I hope all the members have had a great year with their animals.

Lot #112 Charlee Kershaw

Hi, my name is Charlee and I’m from the Horsefly 4-H club! This is my first year as a junior. This year my project is a bred heifer that’s name is Frosty. Frosty was born and raised by me and my family on our ranch. Frosty’s breed is an Angus cross. She is red with a white shoulder patch. We don’t know where the white came from! I hope you come see Frosty at show and sale in the Horsefly Barn!

Lot #113 Ireland Kershaw

Hi, my name is Ireland. This is my first year in Cloverbud. My favorite part of Cloverbuds was when I got to milk a dairy cow. I hope you come to the Williams Lake Show and Sale and see my other projects.

Lot #114 Braydon Lazar

My name Is Braydon Lazar, I am a cloverbud, I am eight years old. This is my second year in the Horsefly 4-H Club. My favorite project was the lantern in crafts because it was fun to make. I also really liked learning to milk a cow at Color V Ranch. My favorite group activity was the skating party.

Lot#115 Ethan Lazar

My name is Ethan lazar, Lot #115, this is my third year in 4-H. I am a senior small engines member. My project is a 1989 K&C Thermoglass 18-foot boat. When I got the boat it had lots of damage from exposure. I have redone the gel coat and replaced many expired parts, I have upgraded the old points system to an electric start. The motor runs well and starts easy.

Lot #116 Logan Lazar

My name is Logan Lazar I am 15 years old. I am a member of the Horsefly 4-H club. This is my third year in 4-H. I am doing a market lamb as my project. My market lamb’s name is Beau. Beau was born March 11 on our farm. Beau is a Suffolk x North Cheviot cross. I feed Beau a mixture of sheep texture, whole corn, and beet pulp twice a day. When he is done eating his grain in the morning, I let him free range our field. Beau gets put in the barn at night, fed his evening grain and I make sure he has alfalfa hay for during the night.

Lot#117 Kayla Lucak-Lipus

Hello, my name is Kayla Lucak-Lipus. I am nine years old and this is my fouth year in the Horsefly 4-H club but my first year as a junior. I joined 4-H this year as a Unit 1 foods member to learn more about cooking and baking. I like spending time making new food creations for my family to try. Please come and see what I have made this year at our 4-H show and sale on Monday August 9th at the Williams Lake stock yard. I hope to see you there!

Lot#119 Blair Scott

Hello! My name is Blair Scott, and I am a Cloverbud member of the Horsefly 4-H Club. This is my first year in 4-H and my favorite unit this year was Rabbits. My favourite activity in 4-H this year was our skating party where I learned how to skate! When I become a junior member, I want to do foods because I love to cook.

Lot#120 Cooper Seelhof

Hi, my name is Cooper Seelhof. This is my fifth year as a 4-H beef member. I am the Vice-President of the Horsefly 4-H Club. This year my projects are Market Steer and Heifer. They are both homegrown animals. I invite you out to our show and sale from August 5-9. And August 9 being the sale!

Lot #121 Renée Seelhof

Hi my name Renée Seelhof. I am 11 years old and my fourth year in 4-H. This is my second year of being a beef member in the Horsefly 4-H club. My project this year is market beef. My steer’s name is Boon. He’s a homegrown angus/Hereford cross. I really enjoy 4-H and taking care of my animals.

Lot#122 Riata Seelhof

Hi my name is Riata Seelhof. I am 16 years old and this is my eighth year in the Horsefly 4-H club. This year I have three projects; market steer, heifer and cow/calf. All of my projects are homegrown. My steers name is Mork, he’s a simmental cross and currently weighs 1,225 pounds. My heifer is Mindy she is a Hereford cross and my cow’s name is Judy and calf name is JJ. My cow and calf were the Reserve champion cow/calf at the OK Stock Show and sale. I am looking forward to our show and I hope you stop by the barn to come and meet us all.

Lot #123 Ashley Wilson

Hi, my name is Ashley Wilson. I am thirteen year’s old and this is my fifth year with the Horsefly 4-H Club. My project this year is foods. This year at the 63rd annual 4-H Sale on August 9th at the Williams Lake stockyards, I will be selling a Baked Goods Basket with Black Berry Pie, Huckelberry Muffins, and much much more. Trust me there will be something for everybody’s tastebud. Thank you for coming out and supporting your local 4-H Club. Hope to see you there!

Lot #124 Ronald Wilson

Hi my name is Ronald Wilson, I am fifteen years old and this is my seventh year in the Horsefly 4-H Club, my second year as a senior member and my fourth year in small engine. For my sale project this year I have chosen to build a youth go cart from scratch. I would like to invite you to the 63rd Annual 4-H Sale at the Williams Lake Stockyards, 4665 Cattle Drive, on August 9’2021. Bidding can be done in person or online at DLMS.ca Thank you for supporting 4-H!

Lot #125 Cheyenne Yahnke

Hi there! My name is Cheyenne Yahnke. I am twelve years old, and this is my fifth year as a member of the Horsefly 4-H club. My project this year is a lamb named Cappuccino. He is a Suffolk, Charollais and a Dorset lamb cross. Our lot number is #125. This year the show and sale is online as well as in person. Please drop by at the Williams Lake Stockyards.

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