63rd Williams Lake and District 4-H Show and Sale: Chimney Valley 4-H Club

Addyson Cullum
Ashtynn CullumAshtynn Cullum
Austyn WatersAustyn Waters
Bayley CailBayley Cail
Cassandra HillCassandra Hill
Claire CailClaire Cail
Dawson SpadyDawson Spady
Denzel CoteDenzel Cote
Ella CarsonElla Carson
Emma WorthingtonEmma Worthington
Kyan Relf small engine projectKyan Relf small engine project
Lane CarsonLane Carson
Liam WorthingtonLiam Worthington
Maddex CullumMaddex Cullum
Mesa SlavensMesa Slavens
Montana WatersMontana Waters
Mya HillMya Hill
Paige RomaniukPaige Romaniuk
Raelee SlavensRaelee Slavens
Sawyer RomaniukSawyer Romaniuk
Shanda Russell’s steer and heiferShanda Russell’s steer and heifer
Will RobertsWill Roberts
Riley DeRoseRiley DeRose

Addyson Cullum Lot #50

Hello, my name is Addyson Cullum. I’m 14-years-old, this is my sixth year in 4-H and as a member of the Chimney Valley 4-H club.

I am doing turkey again this year. I’m raising the breed Blue Slate and my turkey’s name is Elliot. I love 4-H because you get to learn so many life skills like how to work as a team, public speak, judge different classes of animals, achievement days, fundraising, show and sale, and so much more. 4-H really teaches you work ethic because your animal depends on you for food, water, shelter and love. If you don’t, they could possibly die from dehydration especially in this hot weather. My lot number is #50.

Ashtynn Cullum Lot #51

Hello, my name is Ashtynn Cullum, I am 13-years-old, and this is my fourth year raising market lamb. I am a junior member of the Chimney Valley 4-H Club and you can find my lamb ‘Buddy’ at Lot #51 at this year’s 63rd Annual Show and Sale.

I have been working very hard with my Hampshire lamb from Dominion Creek Ranch.

Public speaking continues to be an area I enjoy very much; this year I did a demo with my older sister. We did a demonstration on how to make our mom’s ‘Marvelous Mac and Cheese.’ We got first place in club communications, district communications and regional communications! I am excited to be able to see how far I can make it next year!

In our club we do lots of fun things like judging rallies, speeches, fundraisers, work bees and of course learn lots about our animals and other animals too.

Austyn Waters Lot #66

Hello, my name is Austyn Waters, my lot number this year is #66 and this is my fourth year in 4-H with the Chimney Valley 4-H club. This year I am raising Orlopp Bronze turkeys and my sale turkeys name is Birchrum #6. He and his siblings were born on April 14th and are growing nicely! I think he is going to taste really good because his favorite snacks are watermelon, grapes and blueberries. During the heat waves we fill a kiddy pool with water and add blueberries and they go in and eat them. My turkeys have such great personalities and love to follow me everywhere I go. I have really enjoyed doing turkey this year and would like to do it next year as well. Thank you for your support.

Claire Cail Lot # 46

Hello, My Name is Claire Cail. I am 12-years-old and have been in 4-H for three years now, I have had three steer projects including this one. I have been successful in showmanship each year and hope to carry on with success this year. This is my steer Kelso he is an Angus X I purchased from my uncle, Kevin Brecknock. Kelso is quite the character. He loves scratches and will yell at us when he is being fed almost like he is yelling for us to hurry. Besides 4-H I also play hockey, ride horses and enjoy being with friends. Hockey has been great even in a COVID season. We still got to play on the Girls U13 team and it was so so fun! I hope to carry on with the friends I made over the past season.

Bayley Cail Lot #45

Hello! My name is Bayley Cail. I am 17-years-old and this is my eighth and final year of 4-H. I have done beef projects every year since the age of nine. This year I have a Maine cross calf named Cadillac I purchased from Spady farms. He is a quiet-minded, relaxed calf that I am excited to show and see the success I have worked towards. Not only have I done steers I have also done cow calf projects and been successful. With the same calves I had shown with the cow I went on to sell as bulls in the Vanderhoof bull sale and achieved the highest selling black Angus bull with my two-year-old. Beside 4-H and cattle I am a part of the newly crowned Williams Lake Stampede Royalty as a Princess. The program leading up to being crowned was a fantastic learning experience, we learnt speechcraft through the toastmasters program and horsemanship for many months. Now three of us will be travelling around B.C. this summer to go to rodeos and I am thrilled! I recently moved back to Williams Lake from Vanderhoof and am excited to be back. I can’t express my love for the opportunities in this city.

Cassandra Hill, Lot #54

My name is Cassandra Hill, Lot #54 in the Chimney Valley 4-H Club and I am doing a turkey project again this year. I did not do 4-H last year, but I have been in 4-H for four years altogether. Last time I did turkey. I was good at it and I got second place. I started with six turkeys but a couple of them died which was sad. My main turkey this year is called Nacho. He is my biggest tom and he likes to puff up. I hope lots of people come see him puff up at Show and Sale this year.

Dawson Spady Lot #65

Hello,my name is Dawson Spady and I am in the Chimney Valley 4-H club and this is my fourth year of 4-H. This year for projects I have, a steer, heifer, and a cow/calf project but in this letter I will be talking about my steer, Savage. My steer Savage is a very meaty steer. His brother won grand champion steer at our club achievement last year, so I thought he would turn out good, and in conclusion he is even better! His lot number is 65. He is very thick and deep in his legs and stomach. Savage is a homegrown shorthorn cross, he weighs 1,328 pounds and should finish out at 1,400 pounds. He is entered into show and sale this year and I hope that you could come on down and check it out!

Denzel Cote Lot #49

My name is Denzel Cote. I am 14-years-old and this is my sixth year in 4-H. I am in the Chimney Valley 4-H Club. This year I have a market steer, heifer and cow/calf. My steer King Kong is a Maine X and he is lot # 49 and he currently weighs 1,128 lbs and should weigh around 1,200lbs by sale day. He has been a great steer to raise as a home grown calf and I expect he will be great to eat! My market animals have always placed well in the results, and they always grade AAA. I am sure that my steer will be top quality beef also. I am excited for Show & Sale and I hope lots of people can come out and enjoy the show! Hope you have a chance to stop in and check out King Kong.

Ella Carson Lot #47

Hi, my name is Ella Carson and this is my eighth year in 4-H. This year I have raised a beautiful market hog and her name in Hickory. Hickory is a Yorkshire, which are well known for their length and hams. Hickory is one of the longest pigs I have raised. You know what that means, more bacon! Hickory and I have been working really hard on making sure she’s up to market weight and ready for you to buy on August 9th. The barns will be open for you to come explore from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. This year I have been working extra hard to make the best possible pork for you to eat. Hickory and I are sure looking forward to seeing you this year down at the Williams Lake Stockyards.

Emma Worthington

Hello my name is Emma Worthington, I am 11-years-old and in the Chimney Valley 4-H club, this is my second year in 4-H. I am taking a steer, heifer and a cow and calf project. The breed of my animal is a Shorthorn X, currently he weighs 1,208 lbs, I expect him to weigh around 1,300 by sale day. Blue’s lot number is #69. He looks like he has good meat! Hoping you can check him out in the barns before the auction happens.

Kyan Relf Lot #58

My name is Kyan Relf and I am 12-years-old. This is my first year doing the 4-H program with the Chimney Valley Club. I chose to work on a small engine because I thought it would be a good life skill to have and that I would enjoy it. I have been working on a 1973 Toro 500 Lawn Tractor, I named it “Big Orange.” I have learnt a lot about a 4-stroke engine and how it runs. My favourite part of this project so far is riding my mower around! I have spent time taking apart the carburetor, replacing filters and cleaning out the engine. If you are looking for a rustic lawn tractor then this is your thing!

Lane Carson Lot #48

Hello, my name is Lane Carson, and this is my fifth year in the Chimney Valley 4-H Club. I enjoy 4-H because it is educational, and I get to learn about animals while hanging out with my friends. We also help in the community when we can. This year I am raising a very handsome market hog named Traeger. Traeger is a Yorkshire with a long back and a large rump. A large rump means he will have good hams. In our pig pen we have six pigs, but he is by far the biggest of them all. He would be a great addition to your Christmas dinner.

Liam Worthington Lot #70

My name is Liam Worthington. I am 12-years-old and this is my second year in 4-H. I am from the Chimney Valley 4-H club. This year I have a cow calf, a heifer project, and a market steer. My steer is lot # 70 selling at Show & Sale. His name is Jynx and he is a Maine X and his weight currently is 1,440 lbs by sale day he should be around 1,500 lbs. I really enjoy having him as a steer, he is like a big teddy bear. Jynx is a very big and meaty steer. He should have a great carcass and I think he is going to be very terrific at showing and taste great on a plate!

Maddex Cullum Lot #52

Hello. My name is Maddex Cullum, I am 10-years-old, and this is my first year in 4-H. I am a junior member of the Chimney Valley 4-H Club and this year I rebuilt a XR70 dirt bike; you can find my project bike for sale at Lot #52 at this year’s 63rd Annual Show and Sale. I have been working very hard on my bike with a complete rebuild with my mentor James Hagerty who is a licensed Honda mechanic. I have learned so much! Public speaking was new to me this year; I was nervous but enjoyed speaking about my favourite topic…hockey!! In our club we do lots of fun things like judging rallies, speeches, fundraisers, work bees and of course learn lots about our projects and other projects too. I think I might like to raise a turkey next year!

Mesa Slavens Lot #63

Hi. My name is Mesa Slavens, I’m 15-years-old and I’m a senior member with the Chimney Valley 4-H club this being my second year. This year I’m raising a homegrown market steer and cow/calf project. My steer SirLoin weighed around 955 pounds near the end of March and currently weighs 1,185 pounds. He is well-boned and muscled with a sturdy topline and plenty of meat. My Cow Calf pair Lizy and Blazer have been easy keepers. Blazer is a steer calf and is super friendly. He’s growing quite nicely. My projects are Hereford Black Angus crossed. SirLoin is lot #63. Hope to see you there!

Montana Waters Lot #67

Hi my name is Montana Waters and I am from the Chimney Valley 4-H club and am Lot #67. I am a senior member and this is my second year in 4-H with the Chimney Valley 4-H Club. This year I am doing turkey for my sale project. My sale turkey’s name is Lelend and he is a heritage breed called Blue Slate. These turkeys are slower growers but are well-known for their flavour. They are mostly all dark meat and I find them to be very striking in colour. My turkeys love fruit and I enjoy spending time with them. Hopefully you enjoy Lelend as much as I have.

Mya Hill

My name is Mya Hill in the Chimney Valley 4-H Club and I am a Cloverbud this year. I didn’t do 4-H last year, but I was a Cloverbud the year before that too. I can’t wait to have a big project next year. I really want to have a cow, but mom and dad say we don’t have enough room. My mom has a horse named Essex that is really nice. Maybe I can do a horse project instead. My favourite part of Cloverbuds is the activities, like making art or learning about bees. I hope people come see my art at Show and Sale this year!

Paige Romaniuk Lot #60

Hi there! My name is Paige Romaniuk and I am the vice-president of the Chimney Valley 4-H Club. I am 15-years-old, in the 10th grade and this my sixth year in 4-H and my fourth beef project.

Now, I am sure you are wondering “Who that tasty looking steer is in the picture?” This is my Black Angus steer named Maverick. My steer really stood out to me this year because he was the only pure Black Angus in the herd and his stocky figure caught my eye. I knew he would make a fantastic market steer!

Maverick is my idea of a perfect steer. He has a beautiful top line, deep body and gained weight like a pro! He is very cooperative whenever I am working with him and I am very confident he will have a market worthy end result.

If you’re in the market for some incredible beef, watch for Maverick Lot #60 at this year’s auction held Monday, Aug. 9 at the Williams Lake Stock Yards or online at www.dlms.ca.

Raelee Slavens Lot #64

Hi my name is Raelee Slavens! I am a junior member in the Chimney Valley 4-H club! This year I decided to do a home-grown market steer. My steer Dally weighs about 1,114 is an Hereford Angus cross. My steer is lot #64, hope to see you there!

Sawyer Romaniuk Lot #61

My name is Sawyer Romaniuk and I am 13-years-old. This is my fifth year in 4-H with the Chimney Valley 4-H Club. Since I could walk, I have been passionate about motors and pretty much anything you can put gas into! So, this year was a great project year as I was able to put my passion to work. I chose to rebuild a 2003 4stroke, Honda XR 100 dirt bike and it turned out to be a great project.

The XR 100 is not only a great bike for a beginner or even a more advanced rider, It also serves great as a farm or ranch workhorse. I have carefully gone through this entire bike fixing and paying attention to every little detail. It not only runs excellent it looks awesome too! Don’t forget to watch for Sawyer Romaniuk Lot #61 at the show and sale.

Shanda Russell Lot #62

Hi, my name is Shanda Russell, I’m 15 and this is my second year in the Chimney Valley 4-H Club. My steer’s name is Coma (back) and he is lot #62. He is a Horned Hereford and weighs approximately 1,100 Ibs. He is fed morning and night with 10 pounds of sure crop heavy molasses, barley and screening pellets, he is free fed on timothy and meadow hay mixed. My heifer’s name is Sevy (front). She is a Red Angus Hereford cross, and is approximately 900 pounds. She was fed five pounds of the surecrop screening pellets and barley as well as timothy and swamp meadow hay. I purchased them from my father’s ranch, Anvil Mountain Ranch in Big Creek. They are both homegrown.

Will Roberts Lot #59

Hi, my name is Will Roberts. I am a senior member of the Chimney Valley 4-H Club in my 10th year in 4-H. I am raising another homegrown black Angus steer which I like because of the quality of the meat and the marbling. I chose my steer and feed to try to develop the best grade of meat for you that I can. My steer looks like he will finish well with extra tenderness. I named my steer Black. We have a catalogue being made and you can look on Facebook Williams Lake and District 4-H and the website www.wldistrict4h.com. You can also come watch us show our projects. Find us in the barn, Lot #59.

Riley DeRose Lot #53

Hello Williams Lake! I’m Riley DeRose, a senior member from the Chimney Valley 4-H Club. I purchased a steer calf from Cook Angus which has great stock. When I got him home, he had different ideas than me. We were told he might need a good hand. JoAnn Cook was confident that we could handle him, but when I let him off the trailer, it was like being in a bull pen. He looked big and wild, ready to scare me. He sniffed and snorted; he had his head raised high. He jumped high and ran dangerously towards me. He chased me and I jumped the fence. This rodeo went on for a long time; I thought it might never end. PBR is my calf’s name and he has learned to trust me. I learned to never give up and eventually we trusted each other. His sire is a black Angus who won Grand Champion at the Williams Lake Bull Show and Sale. His Dam is a Speckle Park who gave him the painted coat. PBR and I have had an adventurous time together. If you are between the ages of six and 19, you are able to join 4-H. It is lots of fun to learn to do by doing. Good luck to all the 4-H members at the Show and Sale. My Lot number is 53. Hope to see you there.