Top senior judge

Top senior judge

4-H Show and Sale well supported

When people buy a 4-H animal they know they are getting the best of the best.

When people buy a 4-H animal they know they are getting the best of the best.

And they are often very generous because they know they are supporting the skills of our future farmers and ranchers.

One amazing example of this generosity came in the form of a lovely black turkey this year that was raised by Big Lake 4-H club member Brenda Van Wyck.

The turkey weighed in at 24 pounds and sold for $28 per pound, says Marty Lachance, who had to double check her figures to make sure she got it right for this incredulous Tribune/Weekend Advisor reporter.

Yes that is a $672 turkey for someone’s special dinner or pet?

The average price paid for the 27 beef sold this year was $4.41 per pound.

The average price paid for the 48 swine sold this year was $5.05 per pound.

The average price for market lambs was $5.28 per pound.

The garden sold by Alan Stafford sold for $350.

A lot of baking and vegetables sold for $275.

A peach pie sold for $300.

In the small engines class a weed eater sold for $200 and a rebuilt ATV sold for $1,200.

The 4-H Show and Sale standings are as follows. Short forms for club names are Rose Lake/Miocene (RM);  Springhouse (SH); Horsefly (HF); Big Lake (BL); Chimney Valley (ChV); Canim Valley (CV),  Highland Lone Butte (LB).


Grand Champion Market Steer: Sarah Lachance, RM.

Reserve Champion Market Steer: Riata Seelhoff, HF.

Grand Champion Heifer: Wyatt Armes, SH.

Reserve Champion Heifer: Lucia Johnston, RLM.

Lucia Johnston, RL.

Grand Champion Mature Cow/Calf: Wyatt Armes, SH.

Supreme Female: Wyatt Armes, SH.

Grand Champion Sr. Beef Showman: Saylin Leclerc, RM.

Grand Champion Jr. Beef Showman: Anna Best, HF.

Best Groomed Beef (buckle): Wyatt Armes, SH.

Interclub Market Steers: RM.

Interclub Heifers: Springhouse/Rose Lake.

Top Home Grown Steer: Riata Seelhof, HF.

Weight Class 1: Nicolas Flinton, SH, first; Carmen Kaufman, SH second.

Weight Class 2: Wyatt Armes, SH, first; William Roberts, RL, second.

Weight Class 3: Riata Seelhoff, HF, first; Skye Forcier, RM, second.

Weight Class 4: Sarah Lachance, RM, first; Karina Sukert, HF, second.

Top First Year (9-10 yr) Beef Showman: Lucia Johnston, RM.

Breeder of Top Steer: Dunlevy Ranch.

Best Daily Rate of Gain: Sarah Lachance, RM, 4.132.; first; Shaylin Leclerc, RM, 4.126 second; Ryan Roberts RL, 3.83 third.

Highest Gain Calf from Cow/Calf Pair: Wyat Armes, SH,.

Top Angus Heifer: Wyatt Armes, SH.

Top Speckle Park Heifer: Jucia Johnston, RM.

Top Hereford Steer: Sarah Lachance, RM.

Top Angus Steer: Riata Seelhof, HF.

Top Charolais Steer: Karina Sukert, HF.

Top Speckle Park Steer: Lucia Johnston, RM.

Top Beef Carcas: to be presented later.


Grand Champion Market Swine: Ashley Van Wyck, BL.

Reserve Champion Market Swine: Tatum McKeown, ChV.

Grand Champion Sr. Swine Showman: Tyson, McKinnon, BL.

Grand Champion Jr. Swine Showman: Rosetta Yahnke, HF.

Best Groomed Swine: Anthony DiMarco, BL.

Weight Class 1: Tyrone Thomas, CV.

Weight Class 2: Dixie Boyce, CV.

Weight Class 3: Marcus Kennedy, ChV.

Weight Class 4: Jaydan Taylor, BL.

Weight Class 5: Tatum McKeown, ChV.

Weight Class 6: Emma Pfleiderer, RM.


Grand Champion Market Lamb: Karena Sokolan, ChV.

Reserve Champion Market Lamb: Annie Isaac, HF.

Grand Champion Ewe Lamb: Sarah Lachance, RM.

Reserve Champion Ewe Lamb: Camryn Brennan, LB.

Grand Champion Dry Yearling Ewe: Georgia DiMarco, BL.

Grand Champion Ewe/Lambs at Foot, Ian Doherty, RM.

Reserve Champion Ewe/Lambs at Foot: Sarah Lachance, RM.

Grand Champion Sr. Sheep Showman: Sarah Lachance, RM.

Grand Champion Jr. Sheep Showman: Georgia DiMarco, BL.

Best Groomed Sheep: Kimberley Davis, RM.

Group of Market Lambs: Lone Butte.

Weight Class 1: Kylie Davis, RM, first; Lexus Amut, CV, second.

Weight Class 2: Parker Sokolan, ChV, first; Gabrielle Nustad, ChV, second.

Weight Class 3: Laura Dewsbury, CV, first; Hannah Meier, LB, second.

Weight Class 4: Karena Sokolan, ChV, first: Annie Isaac, HF, second.


Grand Champion Sr. Dog Showman: Gabrielle Nustad, ChV.

Reserve Champion Sr. Dog Showman: Emma Pfleiderer, RM.

Grand Champion Jr. Dog Showman: Adrien Zimmerman, RM.

Reserve Champion Jr. Dog Showman: Natasha Mattson, RM.

Best Groomed Dog: Landon Wiggins, RM.


Grand Champion Small Engines: Parker Sokolan, ChV.

Reserve Champion Small Engines: Terrance Hubick-Archie, CV.

Grand Champion Sr. Small Engine Showman: Terrance Hubick-Archie, CV.

Grand Champion Jr. Small Engine Showman: Parker Sokolan, ChV.


Grand Champion Gardening: Allan Stafford, ChV.

Grand Champion Sr. Gardening Showman: Allan Stafford, ChV.

Grand Champion Jr. Gardening Showman: Rachel Kennedy, ChV.


Grand Champion Sr. Foods Showman: Kimberly Davis, RM.

Grand Champion Jr. Foods Showman: Kianna Davis, RM.


Grand Champion Photography Book: Hannah Yahnke, HF.

Grand Champion photo: Hannah Yahnke, HF.

Grand Champion Sr. Photography Showman: Maria DiMarco, BL.

Grand Champion Jr. Photography Showman: Karli-Rae Ross, LB.


Grand Champion Poultry: Brenda Van Wyck, BL.


Top Jr. Judge (in own project): Jessica Tritten, RM.

Top Sr. Judge (in own project): Brenda Van Wyck, BL.

Most Enthusiastic Jr.: Baileigh Stowell, SH.

Most Dedicated Sr.: Brenda Van Wyck BL.

Highest Rally Part by Club: Big Lake.

Best Kept Stall: Chimney Valley.

Top Age 9-10 Boy Judge (all): Landon Wiggins, RM.

Top Age 9-10 Girl Judge (all): Kianna Davis, RM.

Top Demo Team L: Ashley and Brenda Van Wyck, BL.

Top Sr. Speech: Adriane Kennedy, CV.

Top Jr. Speech: Caitlyn Khong, HF.

Grand Aggregate Boy: Allan Stafford.

Grand Aggregate Girl: Brenda Van Wyck, BL.

Jr. Proficiency Award: Georgia DiMarco, BL.

Sr. Proficiency Award: Brenda Van Wyck, BL.