2011 Williams Lake Stampede Princess says farewell

2011 Stampede Princess Bobi Bracewell says a fond farewell to her reign and welcomes everyone to the Stampede this weekend.

First off I would like to thank all of those who have helped with the Stampede Queen program, whether sponsoring, volunteering or just being a friend we can talk to.

This program has been a really great experience that I am so grateful to have had the chance to be involved in, and be a representative of our town.

We have learned so many useful qualities that we can use toward any future plans we choose to have for ourselves, either going further with an ambassador program or simply going to school to further our education.

The program has helped me improve my public speaking skills, people skills and understanding more about the sport of rodeo.

The program is very beneficial — filled with wonderful people pushing us to become the best that we can be.

I wish all the future contestants the best of luck and to enjoy every minute of it. A year goes by way too quickly.

2011 Stampede Queen Davana Mahon, and Stampede Princess Alexia Colton, and I have been introduced to lots of royalty from around the world, ambassadors of B.C. and Canada as well as movie producers for hit shows such as Heartland.

The program has opened many new doors for us to walk through and begin a new adventure.

Thank you so much! I can’t say that enough.  The time you have all committed towards us and the program is much appreciated.

Now hold onto your hats and cheer with me! Yee haa! (for Stampede).

Bobi Bracewell

Stampede Princess 2011