Tanya Vigeant (left) and MJ Vigeant of All-Ways Travel. (Rebecca Dyok photo)

Tanya Vigeant (left) and MJ Vigeant of All-Ways Travel. (Rebecca Dyok photo)

Spotlight on Small Business 2021: All-Ways Travel

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Meeting new people and experiencing travel through the eyes of their customers is what MJ Vigeant finds herself enjoying the most.

Since 1978 All-Ways Travel has been helping others create an unforgettable vacation in their own backyard or abroad.

While the travel agency has been a solid family-operated business in the community, Vigeant said COVID-19 has challenged them.

“A lot of business, especially travel agencies, are done, they’re gone. So we fought very hard to keep this as a strong business in this community, and I want us to continue, of course, but we’re not through it yet.”

Vigeant is looking forward to returning to pre-Covid life and hiring employees again at the small business she had purchased with her husband, Denis, in November 2017.

She used to have four staff and is currently down to just herself and her daughter, Tanya.

All-Ways Travel gives back to the community and has supported many local events and not-for-profits over the years.

“It’s just such a good feeling job when you’re making people happy, and we need happy back,” Vigeant said.

Located at 357 Oliver Street, All-Ways Travel is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday and Saturdays appointment only.

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Tanya Vigeant (left) and MJ Vigeant (Rebecca Dyok photo)