Nicole and Chuck Tupper and the team at Loyalty Autoworx.

Nicole and Chuck Tupper and the team at Loyalty Autoworx.

Spotlight on Business: Chuck and Nicole Tupper owners/operators behind Loyalty Autoworx

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Things are changing, but also staying the same with Nicole and Chuck Tupper, long-time former owners of the OK Tire franchise in Williams Lake.

“We’re still here,” said Nicole Tupper of their mechanic shop located at the corner of Mackenzie Avenue and Borland Street. “The only difference is we don’t do tires anymore.”

Nicole said after some soul searching the couple, who have been in Williams Lake 36 years, decided to let go of the OK Tire franchise after 16 years and focus on continuing to offer full automotive services. They will no longer be selling tires or doing seasonal tire change anymore.

“We knew we had to make a change for quality of life. We’re at that age where we want a steadier pace.”

Their new business name is Loyalty Autoworx and offers full automotive services of all makes and models from foreign to domestic vehicles, vintage classics to new vehicles.

“Chuck loves vehicles and it shows,” said Nicole of her husband, who has been a mechanic for 40 years and, in his spare time away from the shop likes to restores old cars.

“Anybody who knows Chuck, knows he loves 1969 Camaros, hence the Camaro on the new signage.”

The name Loyalty comes from one of two of Chuck’s common phrases he is known to say, ‘Loyalty works both ways,’ and ‘Don’t forget to tighten your nuts.’

“And we weren’t going to name our new business, ‘Don’t forget to tighten your nuts Autoworx,’” joked Nicole.

Nicole is emotional to think of letting go of the OK Tire franchise as the company has had a presence in the lakecity for the past 50 years, however, she remains hopeful someone may still consider an OK Tire franchise in Williams Lake.

“It’s a fantastic franchise. They are more than a franchise, they like a family,” Nicole describes of the company. “It’s blessed us.”

Loyalty Autoworx will officially open Jan. 1 and will have three licensed mechanics on staff in the new year.

“The faces will all be the same, we just won’t have tires.”

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