Joe Amaral at Body Connections is a healing facilitator who offers his clients treatments and classes

Joe Amaral at Body Connections is a healing facilitator who offers his clients treatments and classes

Making connections for your health

Joe Amaral at Body Connections believes natural healing techniques based on science and research can bring improved quality of life.

Joe Amaral at Body Connections in Williams Lake believes that natural, proven healing techniques based on science and research can bring you an incredibly improved quality of life and help you live your healthiest life.

Body Connections offers treatments such as Zen Shiatsu and deep tissue massage, craniosacral therapy and Reiki to treat pain, headaches, tension and more.

He can provide guided meditations and uses Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique for dealing with depression, digestive issues, allergies, trauma, phobias and to help people to stop smoking or drinking.

He also offers lymph drainage therapy and guided meditations, and teaches classes in Reiki and nutrition.

He says he is a healing facilitator, helping people find their own individual connection to have the best healthy life they can.

“I can’t ‘fix’ you, but I can show you how to ‘fix’ yourself and make you aware of what’s going on in your body and rectify it,” Amaral explains.

“At Body Connections customers can find products very beneficial for treating a lot of disorders. We have a computer apparatus for analyzing your body systems — cardiovascular, digestive, intestinal, nervous, urinary, immune, structural, glandular and circulatory — that gives us recommendations about what supplements would be most helpful. It’s fantastic, and has proved a great success for us.”

Nutrition is definitely a key component to health, Amaral says.

“There are common things that are deadly for you to eat and common things that are healthy for you to eat. I also use vitamins and minerals for treatment,” he adds.

When it comes to treating pain, he says it’s mostly muscle related.

“A group of muscles is too tight, and need to be relaxed so they can do their job. Sometimes I use Reiki or healing touch to ease the pain — your body tells me where the source of pain is located.

“I’ve had great success with herniated discs, whiplash and other kinds of back pain, as well as other body aches and pains. I work with people with knee or hip pain waiting for replacement surgery and have seen people become pain-free, on their feet and even off the replacement list,” Amaral says.

“One fellow hobbled in here who could barely walk. He said his doctor told him he would have to wait for a replacement and offered him a cortisone shot.

After one session here he walked out much better and after the next one he starting walking three to four kilometres a day. These treatments bring an incredibly improved quality of life.”

He adds that things like high blood pressure and digestive issues are all a matter of chemistry.

“If your potassium and magnesium are balanced in your body, you have no high blood pressure,” Amaral says.

“There are times when drugs are needed and can save lives, but we use more than are needed. We’ve created this problem ourselves: people want instant relief and an instant cure,” he adds.

“It’s like when your oil light in your car keeps coming on and bugging you, and you put masking tape over the light. My answer is to check the oil pressure, check the gasket and find out what the real problem is. Your body is the same.

“I think it’s malarkey to say, ‘You’re getting older and these things happen with age.’”

He says age has nothing to do with this.

“I also believe that there is a very powerful connection between the mind and body, and that emotion has a very strong impact on cancer. How we look at things can cause serious health issues.”

He notes the treatments he offers are all natural.

“I use the laws of physics to treat your pain and help you get back to your normal life,” Amaral says. “In this office nothing is impossible; people who allow me to work with them, and who work with me, see great success.

“When a person walks in and has been told that nothing can be done, and we’ve done it, when they walk out of here with a smile on their face, it’s fantastic.”

Body Connections, located at 147 N 1st Avenue, is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday. For more call 250-392-2600 or 250-392-3857.