Dominion Lending Centres not just for blemished credit

Amber Hall is a mortgage broker with Dominion Lending Centres Western Lending Source, which is independently owned and operated.

Amber Hall is a mortgage broker with Dominion Lending Centres Western Lending Source, which is independently owned and operated.Though the home office is located in Kamloops, the new branch office is at 203-366 Yorston Street in Williams Lake.Hall searches among a list of approved lenders to find the mortgage product that best suits her client’s needs.“There is a general misconception that a mortgage broker only works with clients that have blemished credit, minimal down payment or other financial obstacles,” Hall says. “This is not the case at all.”She works with a full range of clients, including first-time home buyers, families wanting to refinance or access the equity in their home, clients with bruised credit and the sophisticated borrower looking to expand their rental portfolio.“I have access to a wide range of mortgage products that allow me to really customize the mortgage experience for my clients. “When a person uses a bank to arrange their mortgage they are limited to the bank’s mortgage product, whereas I have all the offerings from not only the major banks but trust companies, non-bank lenders, credit unions and private lenders. I am compensated by the lender so my clients are not out of pocket for my services on most mortgages.”Hall, who has an accounting background, got into the mortgage business because she was looking to do something a little more lively.She says she had always enjoyed working with people and loved the idea of helping a client make a sound financial decision.“Mortgage brokering seemed like a natural fit and I can now say that it is a dream job,” Hall says. “I love what I do. I love getting someone into their first home and helping them refinance to take the load off or make that special purchase.”She says it’s also a great business to be in right now because the interest rates are still near all-time record lows, the economy has stabilized, and people are saving hundreds of dollars per month by refinancing.“There has never been a better opportunity for people to upgrade their home, consolidate debt or invest in a revenue property.”Her business philosophy is that everyone deserves to own a home.“We all have to live somewhere. We all have to pay rent in some form, so why not own a home and build equity into our investment by paying off a mortgage? There’s a certain pride and general peace of mind that comes with home-ownership and if I can help a client achieve that goal my day is made!”Hall, a member of the Williams Lake & District Chamber of Commerce, will be in Vancouver in August for the Weekend to End Women’s Cancers. She and 15 team members will each raise a minimum of $2,000 and will walk 60 kilometres over the course of the weekend.All proceeds go to research and development to end women’s cancers.For more information on Hall and Dominion Lending Centres, call 250-303-0585, e-mail, or visit