Walt Cobb

COLUMNS: Looking back and looking ahead

As we have just passed the halfway mark in this four-year term, I have taken time to reflect on the last year.

Ruth and Jim Fraser (left) with Mayor Walt Cobb (right) in the  memorial garden at the Williams Lake Cemetery that was dedicated in the couple’s honour in December.

Mayor Walt Cobb reflects on 2016 new initiatives

On behalf of the mayor, council and city staff, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year.

Ruth and Jim Fraser (left) with Mayor Walt Cobb (right) in the  memorial garden at the Williams Lake Cemetery that was dedicated in the couple’s honour in December.

Let’s wait till 2013 for B.C. election

It doesn’t seem to matter where I have gone recently, Prince George to the Chamber of Commerce AGM or Kamloops to an Interior Science Innovation Council meeting, or right here at home.

Chamber works for community

Six members of the Williams Lake & District Chamber of Commerce attended and participated in the three-day, 59th Annual General Meeting of the B.C. Chamber of Commerce.

You have to wonder

With all of the disasters happening around the world with fires, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and mud slides, my heart goes out to all of those affected.

Did we do the right thing?

In another month or so the new minimum wage will kick in and we will see if the impact as stated by the Fraser Institute comes to play.

Businesses shouldn’t pay taxes for rec centre programs

Budget discussions at city hall have brought out some different points of view.

That’s the system

The election is now over, and I am happy that we have four years before the next federal election.

Said it all before

By this time next week the federal election will be over and once again the east will determine who forms government on our behalf.

Rose-coloured glasses come off

Budget time at City Hall and it would appear the knives have been drawn on one lone dissenter to this year’s budget.

MS treatments should be done here

We just arrived back from a week in the U.S. receiving some medical treatment for Lynnette’s multiple sclerosis.

Not the time

As suspected the federal election has been called.

Way to go

Well it appears that 2011 has started off on the right foot.

Environmentalist ads can cause pollution too

With what has happened in Japan, the earthquake and the tsunami, it has been making me think of how Mother Nature really is in control and some of what is happening is to correct the balance of nature with little respect for what happens to mankind.

Enough already

When are we going to stop playing with Mother Nature, experimenting and expecting the taxpayer to foot the bill?

MLA can get on with doing her job

It appears the recall process for Cariboo Chilcotin and our MLA Donna Barnett is over, at least for now.

FSA tests help evaluate teachers

The FSA report card is out again and of course there is much to-do about its validity.

Recall would cost taxpayers millions

Like many this last week I have been doing a lot of snow shovelling.