Shannon Mckinnon

Asparagus blues

For years I postponed planting asparagus because of the commitment factor.

Is that you Karl?

The snow has only disappeared for three weeks and already our yard has gone wild.

Good people aren’t hard to find

The cliché “if it bleeds it leads” is often used to describe the focus of the nightly news.

Beehiving myself

My bees arrived yesterday after a very long trip.

Keeping it simple

Sunday mornings have a slow pleasant rhythm around our place.

Finding the Zen in chicken poop

My hopes of being a beekeeper instead of a beehaver are over.

Buy the Book

Ah, books. I love them, I buy them, I have way too many of them.

Spring pockets

Spring is coming slow here in northern B.C. with daytime highs of five or six and lows in the –7 C range.

I’m fine — never mind the blood

It stands to reason there must be people who are comfortable enough with attention and drama to tell the truth when they are hurt, but I have never met one.

Stove whisperer

You know it’s been a long winter when your spouse comes home, announces he has just bought several years worth of firewood at once and all you can think is he should have bought more.

Marching down the garden trail

I’ve been planting some garden seeds. Getting my hands into the soil — even if it’s only the bagged kind — has been pure bliss.

An escalating phobia

Tyra Banks is terrified of dolphins, Orlando Bloom is scared of pigs, Oprah Winfrey has a phobia of gum, and Woody Allen … well, according to one source the iconic director is afraid of insects, sunshine, dogs, deer, bright colours, children, heights, small rooms, crowds and every place in the world except Manhattan.

No spring in my step … or my future

Well, March is here, it’s 35 below, the snow has been falling for more than 12 hours and I now realize that spring will never come.

Want to get in shape? Think like a dog!

During a recent bout of bad weather I finally figured out the exercise game system we gave ourselves for Christmas.

All I want is my two back teeth?

A few weeks ago two pieces of my back teeth fell off. The weird thing is they fell off one at a time over two consecutive days and from different sides of my mouth. Having pieces of my body breaking off was worrisome enough, but to be randomly crumbling with such consistency was even more alarming.

Sugar-free Shannon

I don’t know what’s happening with me and heart day.

Changing my vote

I use MSN as my Internet home page so whenever I go online that’s my launching pad.