Rita Corbett

Happily making the time to scroll down on life, baby

Columnist Rita Corbett muses another birthday while looking back to moments of her past

Time in or time out for out little animals; and kids, too

Winter is almost over; spring presses its fragile green head up through the soil, and already we are beginning to worry about summer.

What happened to the imaginary line in the sand

It was a sunny day at the beach. The young girl ran along the water’s edge, dragging a stick behind her.

Many things you can do with a few bricks

Columnist Rita Corbett analyses the depths of arguing, mediation, collaboration and mediation.

For all the people we don’t know …

I was very young when I first heard of Nelson Mandela, and my first impression of him wasn’t great.

Continuing to search for a working auto-correct

Sometimes I wish there was an auto-correct function for people, or at least for me.

Discovering the true meaning of airplane mode

It was awfully quiet — rarely a good sign around children.

Perhaps add an extra pinch of mercy

The family — a man, his wife, and their daughter lived in a little house perched high on a hill.

Putting the wrong people in jail

Columnist Rita Corbett says a few years ago she had the great fortune of visiting someone in jail.

When a nightmare really isn’t a nightmare

There are so many platitudes about thankfulness that it may be tough to be grateful for the worn phrase ‘the attitude of gratitude’.

Scattering the final sweet remains of Halloween

Her name was Lucy. And her father picked out her costume for ‘trick-or-treating’ that Halloween.

Hope offers a buoy in life’s ebb and flow

Columnist Rita Corbett compares life's ebb and flow to being shipwrecked.