Michelle Erlandson

Cariboo Festival registration now online

For the first time ever, the Cariboo Festival is now offering online registration for the annual festival coming up next spring.

Cariboo Festival begins this Monday

The band and instrumental section kicks off the annual Cariboo Festival to a rousing start on Monday, March 31.

Festival committee welcomes new members

The Cariboo Festival has been around for 56-plus years and is a volunteer group that promotes performing arts and writing.

Cariboo Festival banner flying

Have you driven past the mall on Oliver Street and noticed the Cariboo Festival banner?

Honours Concert showcases budding talent

Cariboo Festival 2013 was capped off with an amazing display of talent during the Honours Concert and awards night Saturday.

Cariboo Festival Speech Arts open to all ages

The Cariboo Festival Speech Arts section ended strong last week with a stellar performance by Mary Trott.

Band competition kicks off Cariboo Festival

I had the privilege to sit in on some fine performances given this week at the Cariboo Festival’s Band and Instrumental competition.

Cariboo Festival entries encouraged

The Cariboo Festival committee hopes 2013 will have many festival entries. Adjudicators for all the disciplines are already booked.

Cariboo Festival 2013 syllabus now available

The Cariboo Festival Committee has their 2013 Syllabus ready and available at the Open Book.

Music community provides new learning opportunities

With the arrival of September comes the return to all sorts of learning opportunities among them workshops in music.

Calming the Practice Monster music workshop comes to Williams Lake

Are you a music teacher frustrated with under-prepared students?

Festival speech arts winners named

Cariboo Festival 2012 announces winners in the speech arts section of competition which took place in the lakecity earlier this month.

Cariboo Festival begins today with speech arts

The Cariboo Festival board and committee extend a warm welcome to the 2012 Cariboo Festival which starts today, April 3.

Cariboo Festival begins on April 3

The Cariboo Festival board and committee welcome the community to the month-long festival which begins April 3 with speech arts.

Cariboo Festival participation is encouraged

The Cariboo Festival is calling all those in the community who write, act, sing or play instruments to enter the festival.

2012 Cariboo Festival syllabus now available

The 2012 Cariboo Festival syllabus is now available at the Open Book.

Music, art lessons and awards

Music and art lessons are in full swing with many Cariboo teachers and students. Some of these students completed exams during the year of 2011.