Ken Wilson

Legion Branch 139 honours D-Day

D-Day, the Battle of Normandy, is being commemorated throughout Canada, including right here in Williams Lake.

Basil cream sauce nice on fresh fish

Nice to get out fishing again in water that is not frozen.

Emergency ward staff should be commended

Folks who work in the emergency wards in our hospitals all deserve medals being compassionate and caring in a job that is so demanding.

A special meal for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this weekend and we will be showing love and appreciation for all they do for us.

Restructuring post-secondary education a good thing

B.C. is restructuring its education system somewhat so young people can get skills training before they leave high school.

Awaken your tastebuds with spring chives

The oregano, thyme, sage, along with the garlic herbs in my garden are coming along nicely.

It’s never too late to start volunteering

“To enter or offer to enter into some service or undertaking of one’s free will.”

Paying the price for politicians

What do you think of politicians who abuse their expense accounts or money that belongs to a non-profit organization?

Turn on the romance with a nice home-cooked meal

Today the male species is learning that a nice meal may be the way to a woman’s heart, or at least her taste buds.

Talk about Quebec separation raises new questions

Party Quebecois Leader Pauline Marois said her party would like to hold a referendum asking Quebecers if they want their own country.

Travel insurance a necessity

Always have travel insurance if you are leaving Canada.

A taste of flavourful Thai cuisine

My interest in Thai dishes surged recently when I took in two cooking courses at Blue Lagoon Cooking school, Koh Chang, Thailand.

Cock-a-leekie soup a must in the winter time

With winter upon us, I suspect more soups will be eaten around the kitchen table, in front of the TV or out in the bush running a loader.

Turkey Salisbury steak great way to polish off holiday leftovers

When I was hanging around my mother’s kitchen many moons ago, I liked to eat anything.

Tasty honey beef with peas stir fry to ring in the new year

Happy New Year from Ken’s Country Kitchen......................

Don’t give up on New Year’s resolutions

Just before Nelson Mandela, one of the greatest individuals of our time, passed away, I found a quote from him that almost gave me shivers.

Salvation Army captains will be missed by community

The Salvation Army and the citizens of Williams Lake and area will miss Captain Randy Kadonaga and his wife Claudine.

Foraging in the freezer inspires creativity in the kitchen

Cooking for me has always been an extension of my creativity.

Some assembly may be required

There are three words often heard at this time of the year that strike fear into the hearts of fathers everywhere.

Don’t be afraid to wish everyone a Merry Christmas

Not many more sleeps until we celebrate Christmas.