Ken Wilson

Spring time brings out the barbecueing spirit in everyone

As I get older spring has become my favorite time of the year.

COLUMN: Sweetest sweet potato recipes with a twist

Sweet potatoes have always had a soft spot for my taste buds and when I grew up in Saskatchewan we had sweet potatoes throughout the year.

COLUMNS: Simple, tasty way to make tender pork chops

If you are cooking a chicken let it rest for a while as it helps keep the juices in the bird.

COLUMNS: Spring one of my most favourite times of the year

Ah, spring! A time when “a young man’s thoughts turn to thoughts of love” and outdoors and fishing and gardening.

COLUMNS: Ken’s Seafood Supreme a delicious blend of flavours

I was looking for a good seafood recipe and found several on a site on my computer.

COLUMNS: Experimenting with ingredients makes cooking fun

One of the fun things in cooking is to make up recipes as you go along.

COLUMNS: What does the future hold as automation becomes more prevalent

Robots are taking over some jobs now and it’s expected that 20 years from now, 40 per cent of the work force will be robots.

COLUMNS: Award-winning Cajun gumbo a sure-fire hit for family and guests

The MSN site on my computer has so many ways to mention President Trump’s daily happenings and other news from around the world.

COLUMNS: Barbecued vegetables can help cure winter blues

There are lots of days representing something other than the date.

COLUMNS: A quick and easy gourmet, macaroni dish

In our busy work-a-day-world, we sometimes don’t have a lot of time to cook dinner.

COLUMNS: Too early to criticize a Trump presidency

I am going to suggest to Darrick Boyes they have the annual winter carnival a week earlier next year or perhaps even two weeks.

Come for a wok through my Chinese kitchen

Every once in a while I get the urge to try some different recipes and I like to try dishes from around the world.

COLUMNS: Hungry Irishmen will have no qualms with Dublin coddle

I have been having fun with Thai recipes lately and have been quite surprised to find most of the ingredients in Williams Lake.

COLUMNS: Success story inspires garlic aioli recipe

I love success stories and this is one I really enjoy, because it relates to food.

COLUMNS: Thinking positive and helping others brings joy

The year is just about over. What were some of your magic moments for this year 2016?

COLUMNS: Merry Christmas, everyone, from Ken’s Country Kitchen

Some of my most fond memories of Christmas come from when I was a youngster growing up in Indian Head, Sask.

COLUMNS: Spirit glaze for ham a great choice to go with Christmas dinner

When I travel out of town I try to get in some time for nice dining in good restaurants.

What you could do with control of purse strings

What would you do if you had control of the public purse strings in B.C.?

COLUMNS: Happy Hors-D’Oeuvres brighten holiday season

It’s Happy season folks — a time when we tend to socialize a little more than usual.

COLUMNS: Try to come closer together this holiday season at Christmas

What would you like for Christmas this year? I suspect the answer might be dependent upon your age.