Jim Hilton

Wake up and shake up needed in industry board rooms

Article starts with encouraging predication of a strong period of long-term growth.

Column: Product innovations and technology important to industry

B.C. needs to take a lead in new technology rather than following.

Column: Innovation and adding value to forest products key

Thomas Maness describes the results of a workshop involving representatives from industry and universities.

Column: Province’s forest industry in a global context

A paper by Haley and Nelson (FSC at UBC) discusses the value of understanding forest tenures and ownership patterns beyond B.C.’s borders.

New forest tenure and log marketing system needed in B.C.

An article by David Haley and Harry Nelson; Forest Sciences Centre UBC two papers by BC Competition Council.

Column: Private versus public philosophy to managing our forests

As a result of the different approach to forest management there have been a number of royal commissions and a variety of legislation.

The evolution of the Interior’s forest industry

Tie Hackers and Timber Harvesters, by Ken Druska reviews ways the industry has tried to cope with the volatile prices of lumber and chips.

Column: New year marks increasing challenges in forest industry

I came up with a list of issues that I would like to discuss with the class and think this list will be of interest to Forest Ink readers.

New resources road act impacts users

Resource roads in B.C. administered through provisions found in up to 11 different laws, many regulating a specific industry or activity.

Beetle report provides useful options

Columnist Jim Hilton delves into mountain pine beetle report from 2006.

Library display depicts alternate use for cull piles

Take some time to visit the library to look at the display on alternate uses of forest residual material also known as logging cull piles.

Is forest economic growth imperative or impossible?

The forest industry, like many other modern industries, has become a global institution.

Time for public pressure on forest tenure system

Good news, the Tree Farm Licences expansion program was dropped.

Canada the new Brazil of the north

Does Canada deserve the title of the new Brazil of the north?

Forest sustainability an environmental dead-end without biodiversity

B.C.’s forests are doing better than many areas but there is always room for improvement.

Time to start thinking beyond the sawlog

The eventual reduction of the cut from 3.4 million to 1.4 million cubic metres per year will have consequences.

Alternative to residual burning proposed

Fire management plan for residual logging material. Minor adjustments to existing process could lead to a paradigm shift.

Government policy changes can be a very slow process

Columnist Jim Hilton continues his discussion on the reduction of slash pile burning in B.C.'s forests.

Small-scale biomass projects could have significant impact

Small scale biomass projects may have a significant impact on the local rural communities.

Gov’t should take role in using waste material

It is time for the government to take a leadership role in the use of logging waste material.