Jim Hilton

COLUMN: Using roadside logging debris at Atlantic Power plant

Will it be profitable to bring roadside logging debris to the Atlantic Power plant?

Ways to combat local forestry job loss by 2020 discussed

A significant reduction on the Annual Allowable Cut (AAC) in the Williams Lake TSA could come in less than five years.

COLUMNS: Alberta company has variety of income sources from power plant

As I was driving into Williams lake on a perfectly clear day last Sunday there was a very noticeable smoke and vapour cloud.

Corporate profits versus local jobs and environmental concerns

In a previous article, I said the use of rail ties for the Atlantic Pacific Corporation (APC) was about profits.

Column: Last minute thoughts about the forest industry before the election

Is there “a mood shift underway among voters?” Jim Stirling poses this question and a number of observations.

Column: Innovative research done in Alberta could help rehabilitate beetle-killed stands in B.C.

Alberta is trying different ways to capture value from stands impacted by mountain pine beetle in particular small stem lodgepole stands.

Column: Research and development needed in rehabilitation of forest stands

In the recent Logging and Sawmilling Journal, Tony Kryzanowski raises some interesting questions about research and development.

Eco fee fairest way to deal with disposal of rail road ties

Columnist Jim Hilton asks if an eco fee help the recycling or disposal of railroad ties?

Column: Is using forest land for primary bioenergy production a wise choice?

Most people would agree that using residual wood for bioenergy is a good choice but what if green fibre is grown on forest land?

Column: Good idea, wrong location to burn railroad ties

How many noticed the poster and fact sheet that showed the proposed percentage of ties used in the plant could reach 50 per cent?

Laser technology used in forest inventory

Columnist Jim Hilton explores the use of light detection and ranging in forestry.

Column: Quality versus quality (fibre versus dimension lumber)

When I first became involved in forestry in the 1980s there was a debate over choosing a younger harvest ...

New broad approach to managing publicly-owned forest resources

Ben Parfit's paper helps fuel the greenhouse gas debate, columnist Jim Hilton says.

Column: Impact of sawlog supply crunch reduced through co-operation

A recent article (May issue of the Logging and Sawmilling Journal) on highlights of a panel discussion.

Column: Intervention needed to preserve ecological values

A 2009 draft “Ecosystem Restoration Provincial Strategy Plan by Allen Neal and GC Anderson” is a good reference.

Column: Grass versus trees – the encroaching debate continues

The debate over what is the best use of land has been going on for some time.

Eco friendly building focus for Saskatchewan town

The town of Craik (population 450) wanted to keep their community from disappearing like many other rural towns.

Column: Politics often at odds with good forest management

It appears balancing budgets often means research programs are the first to disappear.

Column: Looking at the pros and cons of utilizing forest residues

Here’s a multifaceted approach to using forest residuals or pros and cons of two approaches to using forest residues.

Column: B.C. should take lead in use of residual logging biomass

A recent (2014) and very detailed report provides the current status of forest biomass policy in Canada.