Diana French

Column: Music to my ears

Yay, boo, and wow time. Yay to the 200 students from Cataline and Nesika.

Column: Lost in the bedding

A job is a job, right? Well, apparently not. We pull out the stops.

Column: Let experts have final say

Mount Polley Mine will probably be in the news for some time to come.

Column: Chief awarded

Congratulations to Xeni Gwet’in Councillor and former Chief Marilyn Baptiste.

Weird world

We believe we pay taxes so our governments have money to serve our interests.

Lots of problems identified with Bill C-51

The Harper government is forging ahead with Bill C-51, the Anti-Terrorist Act, in spite of strong and growing opposition.

Friendly goat on board

On Saturday, the Rose Lake Miocene 4-H Club held its annual Petting Zoo at Boitanio Mall.

Column: Happy April Fool’s Day

Maybe most days are fools’ days. There are so many weird and foolish things going on in our country.

Column: School boards making do with less

When I was on the Cariboo Chilcotin School Board, trustees had some control over what was happening in the schools.

Column: What’s old is new again

Good stories last forever. I saw the Cinderella movie with GDs #6 and #7 and their parents. We all enjoyed it.

Column: Bill C-51 topic of much debate

The Harper government’s proposed anti-terrorist legislation, Bill C-51, has triggered a negative response.

Column: How about some personal responsibility?

So far in 2015 we have a number of political fusses locally.

Column: Finger pointing

On April 24, the International Association for Impact Assessment’s Western and Northern Canada Affiliate is hosting a full day session.

Column: The Big Snow

The huge snow fall in Kitimat/Terrace areas recently reminded me of the Big Snow here in January 1962.

Column: EDC a good start

Thank heavens city council re-instated the Economic Development Commission.

Column: Better safe than sorry

The Independent Review Panel’s report on Mount Polley Mine’s tailing pond breach has received mixed reviews.

An impressive resume

As a city, we don’t always keep track of hometown folks who go on to do interesting things.

Column: As the world turns

On the global scene: I believe in freedom of the press, but freedom carries with it responsibilities.

Column: Predicting the future

What kind of a year will this be? Last year I predicted that pipelines would continue to be news.

Wishes for 2015

January is the month to look back at the year that was, and forward to the one coming up.