Diana French

COLUMN: How to divvy up the land?

In an opinion piece in the Province, Gavin Dirom says his industry needs better access to land.

COLUMNS: Literacy is power

he need to communicate in some way other than face to face goes back thousands of years.

COLUMNS: Less for more

Some of us are old enough to remember when W.A.C. Bennett ruled the roost in B.C.

COLUMNS: Snow and CRD woes

I haven’t written a grumpy column for ages but I’m grumpy today.

COLUMNS: High hopes for new year

We’re having an old fashioned winter at the moment. Will we have an old fashioned spring, summer and fall too?

COLUMN: Let’s see what 2016 brings

December is looking back, January looking forward, right?

Hugs the perfect gift

Columnist Diana French reflects on Christmas as the countdown is on.

COLUMNS: More miracles needed

It’s being greeted with joy, disappointment and even hostility, but after two weeks of talks, 196 nations have signed the Paris Agreement.

COLUMNS: Choking on gnats

So many things start out as good ideas and get lost along the way.

COLUMNS: Let’s hope promise is kept

One thing about writing a newspaper column is that you seldom know if anyone actually reads it.

COLUMNS: Good people help warm day

There is much gloomy/gloomy stuff these days, but here is a happy story.

Columns: Stop the madness

The attack in Paris totally took over the news this last weekend.

Columns: Time to but out of wars

Remembrance Day, when we honour the men and women who died fighting for world freedom and say thank you to surviving veterans.

COLUMN: November, the blah month

Two things made Halloween special this year. It didn't rain or snow, and the clocks didn't change back until Sunday morning.

Columns: Huge challenges ahead

Most political junkies have theories as to why the Liberals won the election.

Hello Trudeau, goodbye Harper

How do our neighbours to the south manage to keep sane with over a year of presidential electioneering bumpf thrown at them?

Column: An election for the record books

There have been stories from all over the country about difficulties in voting.

Column: Gov’t at fault on mail delivery

Seems to me this federal election has been going on forever.

Column: History repeats itself

Bad news first. Once again Williams Lake ranks low on a survey.

Minimum wage woes

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s reference to “old stock Canadians” last week raised a few eyebrows.