Diana French

Column: Misinformation flying around

First, welcome back Wayne Thiessen, the city’s CAO from 1993-2003. Alberto DeFeo was here 2003-2009.

Column: Standing on guard

We have new gender-neutral words for our national anthem just in time for Canada Day.

Column: Some issues missed in the media

When the mainstream media gets obsessed with a news item, we’re blasted with it over and over (celebrity deaths, fires, Orlando massacre).

Column: Learning to say no

The British Columbians who are criticized for saying “no to everything” have good company.

Column: Ali a champ outside the ring

Last year the provincial government ordered school districts to cut administrative expenses by $54 million.

Column: Keep voter equity in mind

School District 27 trustees are taking a look at their electoral boundaries.

Column: Elbowgate diverts attention

Oops. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau slipped off his pedestal last week. He forgot the hugs.

Column: Tied hands

Stories that didn’t make the headlines this past week.

Column: Anyone’s guess

We are moving into uncharted territory with frightening speed - Michel Jarraud, secretary general of the World Meteorological Organization.

Columns: What is enough?

Media pundits aren’t talking much about a recent study suggesting that a mind boggling $21 trillion in assets have been lost.

Columns: Money talks

A public meeting tomorrow night (Gibraltar Room, 7 p.m.) will discuss Atlantic Power’s proposal to burn railway ties at the local plant.

Columns: Going for broke

Figure skating is my favourite sport to watch on TV but one trend I don’t care for.

Column: Lessons learned

Many people feel an injustice was done with the “not guilty” decision at the Jian Ghomeshi trial.

Column: Many questions still need answers

This community currently faces a number of issues.

COLUMN: Everyone’s Irish on St. Paddy’s

St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow. My mother was born in County Cork, Ireland and was pushy about her heritage.

COLUMN: More to discuss than U.S. election

The never-ending U.S. pre-election “news” in the Canadian mainstream media is giving me the pip.

COLUMN: What’s wrong with the image?

When my grandchildren were small, I made a deal with some of them that when I was old, they would take me around and about in a wheelbarrow.

COLUMN: All in it together

There is so much yapping about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau not keeping his promises, blah blah blah.

COLUMN: Ripples in time

It took 100 years, but physicists announced last week they’ve observed “ripples in the fabric of space time.

COLUMN: Let’s find a way to make it work

Some Williams Lakers, including local politicians, see no problem with Atlantic Power’s proposal to burn railroad ties.