Diana French

COLUMNS: Never too old to learn

A large number of seniors, and some who aren’t, crammed into the library meeting room last week to discuss the future of the 70 “beds”.

COLUMNS: Getting education back

For months I’ve been trying, without much success, to avoid paying attention to the U.S. presidential elections.

COLUMNS: Interesting times

Friday is Remembrance Day, when many of us take the day, or at least two minutes of it, to think about the members of the armed forces.

COLUMNS: Changing the planet

Great-grandson #5 arrived early Friday morning, he and his mom were home with brother and dad early Friday afternoon.

COLUMNS: Good news week

Three items on the local Good News list last week.

Columns: Trade deals galore

When are we going to hear from the Cariboo Chilcotin School Board regarding the budget surplus story?

Columns: CCTA must have its reasons

It’s great to see the number of younger people getting involved in the rail tie burning issue.

Columns: Choose wisely

Terry Milewski, a long time reporter/commentator for CBC, is retiring.

Columns: Paying a living minimum wage

Most Williams Lakers are pleased with the latest drug busts, and rightfully so, but those charged are just the small fry, the gofers.

Column: Is the honeymoon period over?

Whatever the outcome of the burning rail ties issue, I hope those of us who are concerned can persuade the powers-that-be.

Column: Input time limited

The environment ministry’s decision to allow Atlantic Power to burn more railway ties has raised some hackles in the community.

Column: School spending complicated

School days again in Cariboo Chilcotin. The new term brings changes in the curriculum and boasts.

OPINION: Issues galore

Summer isn’t officially over but there is a hint of fall in the air and with school days just around the corner, it might as well be.

Welcome new CAO

Columnist Diana French welcomes Milo MacDonald as CAO, ponders clothing and challenges Premier Christy Clark.

Why do it?

The Olympic Games are in the limelight these days — yay for Canadian women like Williams Lake’s Kayla Moleschi who brought us medals.

Column: Wacky weather

The weather has been an ongoing subject of conversation this summer.

Column: Celebrate 25 years with the museum

The Museum of the Cariboo Chilcotin celebrates its 25th anniversary this Sunday with a Heritage Festival.

Column: Where will it end?

Gold prices are on the upswing and some investment advisors are predicting $6,500 an ounce or higher by 2019.

Column: Gotta catch em all

As if there aren’t enough issues to get excited about these days, Pokèmon. Go has been making the news.

Column: Dam likely a boo boo

City council cancelled its Committee of the Whole meeting scheduled for last night, and discussions of Scout Island’s future were postponed.