Dean Fulton

To grant or not to grant

Today’s question — how did we get to be so dependent on grants?

Alarm fees a tax grab

Once again I have to give my head a shake and wonder out loud … where did all the fun police come from and what ever happened to the idea that a man was king of his castle?

Thanks CMH

People say a lot of things about the Cariboo Memorial Hospital and our over-taxed medical system and the competence of the staff that delivers our beloved “universal” medical care … so that’s what I’m gonna do too.

Work toward the common good

If you voted to quash the HST, thank you. If you voted to keep the HST, thank you. If you didn’t vote, please turn the page and head straight for the personals — the rest of this column won’t apply to you either.

Dirty tricks

While I don’t generally agree with many of the statements made by Joan Erb on behalf of the Cariboo Chilcotin Teachers’ Association — I will concede that people are getting a little wound up about the BCTF asking for a 20 per cent wage increase.

Show respect for the buskers

Hopefully everyone is aware that the annual Art Walk is upon us for the month of August at locations all over downtown WL.

Thanks for supporting live music

A huge thank you to anyone who has attended and supported the Concrete Fitness Performances in the Park — this season or at any time in the past. This is a great venue and a great opportunity to bring our community together with music as the catalyst.

Do your HST research first

If you have an opinion about the looming HST referendum, I hope you have done some research on the subject before you send in your mail-in ballot.

Doom-and-gloom message may scare investment

Congrats to Tracey Gard in her new role as president of the Williams Lake & District Chamber of Commerce.

Don’t make music to make money

Like most people, I fear change. … Maybe fear is a strong word, but I certainly don’t run right out and embrace things that challenge the fundamental ideas that I’ve built my life around.

The war on eggs

My wife and I walked into our favourite butcher shop on Mackenzie Avenue the other day to get our “farm eggs.”

Patio not the reason for slow business

I know I’m a little late on this but I feel the need to spout my two bits on the patio issue.

Spring brings flowers … and cattle dung

Spring is very likely here and the running water all around reminds me of a question I ask myself every year at this time … Why is the water leaving Lac La Hache blue and clear and yet, after travelling just a few hours downstream, it hits Williams Lake roughly the colour and thickness of a Louisiana swamp?