David Zirnhelt

Columns: A special visitor to honour Williams Lake

The Honorable Judith Guichon, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, will honour the Cariboo On Dec. 1 with a visit.

Columns: You’ll always have a place on the family ranch

When our granddaughter, Julia, heard I was writing in the paper she said: “Please put my name in the paper.”

Collaborative finds many factors in past economic slumps

Columnist David Zirnhelt looks at collaborative finds in the past to determine how to bolster the beef industry.

Column: Swinging on gates of unforgettable memories

We all have indelible memories of incidents when we were very young.

Networking required for grain growing in the Cariboo

Our daughter in-law, Shannon, who stays with the children on the ranch in the summers, did some grain growing “trials.”

Column: Thanksgiving weekend all about gratitude

Like most of you, we recently had a Thanksgiving dinner at one of our son’s and daughter-in-law’s home.

Column: Innovation: technical and cultural in farming; The Worm Forgives the Plough

A long time ago, I read that one of the problems in agriculture is that children used to learn practical mechanical things.

Column: Bucket list filled with mountain experiences

We just got back from riding and horse packing in the Ilgachuz part of the Itcha-Ilgachuz Provincial Park.

Column: Wealth of ranching knowledge ripe for the taking

We have been ranching for the past 40 years. I took time out, a good decade to serve the public full time.