David Zirnhelt

Column: Gardening between frosts with an early spring

Here we are, an early spring, and some things are charging ahead and other things are more normal.

Column: Ranching life almost a hundred years ago

As garden planting is gearing up, my thoughts go back to over 40 years ago when we took up residence on an old homestead.

Columns: A few reminders of water management for dry times

Do farmers, ranchers and gardeners talk more about the weather or about water these days?

Columns: To succeed or not to succeed in farm life

If you read this article early enough Friday, you can make it to Elaine Froese’s seminar at Thompson Rivers University on Friday.

Cattle Country: Early spring and what to do on the farm

Recently, I wrote about some of the climate adaptation research that the government and local agricultural industry has underway.

Column: Climate variation, change, whatever: April fools?

Whatever is being visited upon us with respect to record warm spells and extreme weather events, let’s not just blame the Creator.

Rodeo, charro style in Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Columnist David Zirnhelt shares his experiences of a Friday night out in Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

COLUMN: Hospitality second to none on the Guave Route

Last week here in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, we were “guided” towards the edge of an area where apparently poppies abound.

COLUMN: Life is a beach

“Life is a Beach…” was the title of the e-mail Susan wrote home to our family recently.

COLUMN: The view from 30,000 feet above sea level

“From desert into desert” was my thought as we flew out of the Los Angeles airport the other day on our flight to Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

COLUMN: Reflecting on winters gone by, prolonged cold snaps

I am sorry if some readers are superstitious. I mean, what I write about winter won’t be a curse.

COLUMN: Ranching and the general welfare of animals

This week a local veterinary clinic and medical suppliers teamed up to thank their customers (ranchers) for their business.

COLUMN: Sustainable practices proven to be profitable

Words like: “perrenial polyculture,” “regenerative agriculture” and “permaculture” all evoke a sense of doing things differently.

COLUMNS: Computers and ranching: high tech and old tech

This week has been historic in the ranching and farming industry locally.

COLUMNS: Temple Grandin, one person can change the world

If we need inspiration to take on a challenge, face adversity and make a difference, consider the role Temple Grandin has made.

COLUMNS: Consolidation in the cattle industry becoming more common

North America wide the commercial ranches are getting bigger, so there are fewer ranches but the individual units are bigger.

COLUMNS: Sleigh rides and the origin of tradition

As I write this I am overlooking the very field from which come my earliest memories of horse drawn sleigh rides come.

COLUMNS: Soil and organic matter: measuring its microbiology

Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon reminded us that 2015 is the UN year of the soil.

COLUMNS: Christmas in the country creates fond memories

This is the time of year when we think about family traditions and happy stories around the magic of Christmas.

COLUMNS: Why should everyone care about animal care?

Recently, I attended a field day and workshop put on by the BC Cattlemen’s Association.