Bob Simpson

Bad data, bad decision

There’s an adage in business that you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Let’s all be honest

It looks like we might have finally made a breakthrough.

What about our future?

There’s been a lot of attention paid to Burns Lake since its mill burned down in January this year.

Getting around the riding

It’s always a great pleasure to have time in the riding to be able to visit the various communities I was elected to represent.

The power of independence

The last day before the legislature broke for spring break a cabinet minister was forced to resign his seat due to misconduct.

Where’s the workforce plan?

Last week the minister of finance floated the idea that B.C. might support the relocation of welfare recipients, on a voluntary basis.

Don’t walk away from democracy

I fear that the “robocall” scandal rocking Ottawa will simply cause more voters to walk away from the political system in disgust.

B.C.’s leadership vacuum

I was so tempted to yell, “let’s get ready to rumble” in the legislature this week.

Be careful what you wish for

This week’s provincial budget is both a result and a reflection of our times.

Celebrating an uncertain future?

One hundred years ago, B.C. embarked on a new adventure in forest management with the formation of the BC Forest Branch.

Great time in the Cariboo

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at home and the ability to get around the riding over the last month.

We need a rapid response team too

In the wake of the fire at Babine Forest Products the government has stepped in to help the community of Burns Lake.

Preparing for another season

Premier Christy Clark has posted the full legislative calendar for this year.

Pipeline dreams

There’s a certain irony in the fact that federal Natural Resource Minister Joe Oliver started 2012 with an outrageous attack.

21st century value-added forestry

Last year I was appointed to the government’s bioeconomy committee along with MLAs John Yap, John Rustad, Eric Foster and Ron Cantelon.

Making my expenses public

This week I started posting my travel expense reports on my website

Repeal the balanced budget legislation

Two weeks ago the minister of finance stated he was determined to balance B.C.’s budget by 2013 as required by the law.

The next bubble to burst?

During this fall’s legislative session the provincial government introduced legislation to simplify the student loan application process.

Election should be held in fall 2013

In the spring session I introduced legislation to change B.C.’s fixed election date to the fall from its current date in May.

Step up to the ballot box

Local leaders need a broad sense of what's possible given the global nature of the challenges we face.