Bob Simpson

The government we deserve

There’s an old adage that we get the government we deserve.

What the heck is ‘year end’ money?

Political parties have long abused your tax dollars for political purposes.

LNG and pipelines will impact your pocketbook

With all the propaganda surrounding LNG and the Enbridge pipeline, it’s easy to be convinced by the Premier’s claim.

How valid are third-party validators?

Frankly, I’m glad someone who isn’t an “expert” in carbon trading schemes is examining this highly controversial activity.

Ethical politician shouldn’t be oxymoron

There was a time when cabinet ministers resigned their positions if questions were raised about their conduct.

Petty partisanship must stop

When I told my wife in 2004 that I was thinking about running in the next provincial election, she told me I wasn’t thick-skinned enough.

Why so secretive?

The Liberal government has been facing uncomfortable questions about internal e-mails outlining their “multicultural outreach” strategy.

HST: It’s finally over

The PST legislation passed without fanfare in the Legislature this week, bringing an end to the four-year long HST debacle.

Over to you, Mr. Dix

I’d like to say that there are some interesting things in the budget tabled in the Legislature this week.

Snake oil for B.C.’s woes

Forestry, mining, and agriculture all made cameo appearances in this week’s Throne Speech.

Commit to an agenda

This week Independent MLAs called on the leaders of BC’s major political parties to commit to a reform agenda.

Privatizing our forests

The government has chosen to ignore this reality and appears intent on getting the Burns Lake mill rebuilt at any cost.

Weirder and weirder

Just when you think politics in BC can’t get any weirder…

What to make of Idle no More

I have mixed feelings about the Idle No More protests.

Shooting the messenger

This week British Columbians found out that our Auditor General, John Doyle, will not be reappointed.

The three Rs of the season

’Tis the season for rest, reflection and… reform? Okay, so I needed another R word.

A big thanks to government workers

Over the past few months I’ve been working on a number of very complex files, and I’m very appreciative of the support I’ve received.

MLAs should be fired too

There is nothing more hypocritical than a politician who espouses fiscal prudence.

Lie to me

It’s bad enough that the BC Liberals continue to use taxpayer money to feed us propaganda about the state of B.C.’s economy.

Reprimand for politicians

It’s always fascinating how politicians jump at the opportunity to get their photos taken when private companies make ...