Bill Phillips

Conservatives accused of being forum no shows

Todd Doherty’s campaign schedule was set in June, which has resulted in him not being able to attend some all candidates forums, he says.

Lights, camera … trial

Premier Christy Clark wants to televise the court cases of those charged in the Stanley Cup riots (if charges are ever laid).

Harris re-elected in Cariboo-Prince George

Harris heading back to Ottawa

Firearms association upgrades Van Barneveld’s grade

New Democrat candidate Jon Van Barneveld has taken exception to the failing grade issued him by the National Firearms Association.

Van Barneveld will push wood-first in Ottawa

New Democrat candidate for Cariboo-Prince George Jon Van Barneveld says he will promote the implementation of a national wood-first policy, if electors send him to Ottawa.

Harris fears ‘coalition of losers’

Conservative candidate Dick Harris says the party is simply echoing the concerns of Canadians when it raises the spectre of a possible coalition government.

Harris ready to run on his record

Bring it on, says the Conservative candidate in Cariboo-Prince George, Dick Harris.